3 Modern Matriarchal Societies in Asia That You Should Totally Visit!

Girls rule, boys drool— that’s how a age-old observant goes, right? Well, nonetheless there is no acknowledgment on either or not all a boys indeed drool, in these 3 complicated societies in Asia, girls really rule.

The Mosuo – Lagu Lake, China

In Mosuo culture, all is upheld down matrilineally. Whether it’s overseeing domicile finances, handling ancestral skill or flitting down a family name and traditions, Mosuo women reason a pinnacle energy in both their families and altogether communities.

But maybe what creates a Mosuo many famous are their “walking marriages” that reinstate a complicated concepts “husband” and “father”.  In a “walking marriage”, both partners live, caring for and lift a children underneath a roof of their innate homes during a day. At night, group are invited to revisit and stay– though by sunrise, they get a boot!

When to Visit:

Chinese (Lunar) New Year

Also famous as a “Spring Festival”, this is one a many critical holidays in China and for a Mosuo, festivities final for fifteen days! Mosuos applaud by smoking and salting an whole pig over their roofs and a treated beef can final adult to 10 years! Besides a startling longevity, this small piggy also represents a family’s amicable status— a bigger a pig, a some-more resources we have.

The Khasi (Meghalaya, India)

Image around Flick CC – ktravasso

Tucked divided in a Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, India, lives a innate multitude where women don’t only rule, they reign; accommodate a Khasis. For Khasis, a birth of a daughter is means for staggering celebration. This is since women are exclusively given a energy to make decisions per family, financial, community, open affairs and a entirety of a family’s ancestral skill and resources is given to a youngest daughter.

When to Visit:

Nongkrem Dance Festival

Don’t have fifteen days to gangling for a festival? Don’t worry– you’re in for one heck of a celebration, if we can gangling only a third of that. This 5 day, eremite festival of a Khasis facilities a special opening of a Pemblang Nongkrem dance, achieved to damp a all absolute Goddess Ka Blei Synshar (yep- even a celebrations are all about women) for a copious collect and wealth for a people.