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4 Crazy Stories of People Flying for Free (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Flying for giveaway is a dream for many people, though for some propitious folks, it’s a reality. We’ve all listened those stories of people personification a game: opening and cancelling credit label accounts, scouring a Internet for tech glitches, earning miles though spending money… But for those of us who aren’t card-counting geniuses, anticipating all those crazy moody loopholes can be a outrageous drag on a time and energy. So if you’d rather rest on your luck, attract or jaunty bravery to obstacle some giveaway flights, review on for a tip tips for drifting free!

Become an Olympic Medalist in Southeast Asia

AirAsia, in a uncover of Olympic pride, offering all bullion medalists from Southeast Asian regions free flights for life, while china award winners get 5 giveaway years of drifting and bronze medalists can fly giveaway for dual years. Though with all a money Olympians spend on training over a march of during slightest 10 years, maybe we would be improved off spending that sum on transport in a initial place.

What we can indeed do: Become an Airline Employee

If you’re employed by an airline, we and your family can customarily fly giveaway on standby (not to discuss all a drifting we get on a job). For people critical about roving for free, putting adult with fractious passengers and watchful on standby in packaged airports competence be your best gamble to creation it onboard scot-free.

Try to Be Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can

We all desired Leo’s spin as a con-man seducer in a Spielberg-directed dramedy Catch Me if You Can. He used his attracts and wits to get himself not only large giveaway flights, though a whole bank comment full of cash, a stewardess for any arm and a dedicated seductiveness of Tom Hanks (forget about giveaway flights, how can we get that final one to happen?).

What we can indeed do: Offer to Stay Behind on Overbooked Flights (Ka-Ching!)

If your dignified compass is nervous with scamming trusting people out of millions of dollars, do a subsequent best thing for a giveaway chair and offer to stay behind on airlines’ oft-overbooked flights. Sit by a embankment and be a initial chairman to proffer to stay behind, you’ll customarily be compensated with a giveaway hotel stay, an upgraded chair on another moody and a document for destiny purchases.

Start Counting Cards (Or, Reading Those Terms Conditions)

If we can conduct it, try to spin into an airline-loophole theorist and find those deals that make others jealous. Like Steven Rothstein and Jacques Vroom, who bought airline passes for $250,000 in a 1980s that gave them total atmosphere travel. By a mid-2000s, a dual had racked adult so many miles, a airline indeed done moves to devaluate their passes since they were costing a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. So either it’s a giveaway moody around a world, entrance into airfield lounges though a price or anticipating bizarre layovers that trim hundreds of dollars off of your pricetag, reading by a terms and conditions for credit cards and airlines to find honeyed deals might take adult a lot some-more time than you’re peaceful to give. But it’s value it, right?

What we can indeed do: Take Advantage of Wacky Airline Deals

While we enjoy pretending like we can spend hours jumping by hoops to get a giveaway business category seat, it’s approach easier and still flattering effective to do a discerning Google hunt for publicly accessible discounts and codes to use for opposite airlines. It could be a outrageous miles reward for signing adult for a credit label or an unimaginable understanding on one approach flights — whatever it is, we’ll take it.

Get on a JetBlue Flight and Cross Your Fingers

If you’ve been on Facebook in a past year, you’ll have beheld that JetBlue has been upping a PR game. From handing out giveaway flights each time a baby on house cried, if all of a passengers concluded on one vacation destination or rising their “flying it forward” debate where fliers pass on giveaway flights to gullible strangers, JetBlue has done itself a amicable media heavenly by handing out giveaway flights each integrate of months. How can we join a fun? Board a craft and cranky your fingers.

What we can indeed do: Bat Your Eyelashes and Ask for a First Class Seat

Science has proven that if you’re nice, ask early adequate and are holding a comparatively open flight, simply seeking moody attendants for a strike adult to initial category can work. It takes only as most fitness as channel your fingers on a JetBlue moody — though it’s current during each airline. Score!

Do we have any good ways to save a sire on flights? Let us know your tips and tricks in a comments!