5 Things to Do in Austin (Besides SXSW) That’ll Out-Cool a Biggest Hipsters

The coolest of cold events, Austin’s annual SXSW festival (the acronym translates to “South By Southwest” for we squares), kicks off a 2016 run on Mar 11. And for 9 days, a song festival/film festival/interactive media discussion will take over one of a hippest cities and rouse a poise to stratospheric heights with violation bands, large name celebrities, and slicing corner leaders in tech. But before all that, we motionless to take a demeanour during some flattering overwhelming and singular things to do during any outing to Austin that’ll leave a hippest of hipsters hostile of your cool.

Oh, feel giveaway to take in live song and nosh on food lorry offerings between these jaunts (because, we know, it’s Austin).   

1) See a Congress Bridge Bat Colony

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The largest civic bat cluster in a world, this large race of Mexican free-tailed bats has turn a core of a admirably Austin journey over a years. Each spring, as many as 1.5  millions bats quit over and make a area underneath a Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge their home. The Austin American-Statesman’s Bat Observation Center is a must-see. Located nearby Lady Bird Lake, this is a smashing end for summer evenings when visitors can watch a bats fly during dusk.

2) Skinny Dip At Hippie Hollow

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Austin is a city riddled with swimming holes. Spend any time there over a summer, when many days strech over 100 degrees and many are over 90, and you’ll know why. But Hippie Hollow, located along Lake Travis in a northwest past of a city, is substantially a many famous of them all. That’s since it’s a usually authorised clothing-optional open park in a Lone Star  State. So move your showering suit—or don’t.     

3) Explore a Cathedral of Junk

Cathedral of Junk by reader of a container is protected underneath CC 2.0.

Located in South Austin, a Cathedral of Junk stands in a backyard of a private residence. You’ll need to call forward to make an appointment and you’ll need to write down a residence to find it, though this weird stop is ostensible to be flattering amazing. Built by a home’s owner, Vince Hannemann, a Cathedral of Junk is accurately what a name implies: an exuberant building with trusses, stairways, passages, greaten levels, vaulted ceilings, and more, assembled from thrown-out machinery, metal, aged appliances, and other—well, junk.  

4) Take in Some Rare Books during a Harry Ransom Center

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An alliance of an archive, a museum, and a library, a Harry Ransom Center during a University of Texas during Austin has something for everybody. They have a duplicate of a uber-rare Gutenberg Bible, a initial book of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and even a personal papers, libraries, and/or manuscripts from such literary heavyweights as Ezra Pound, James Joyce, David Foster Wallace, and a whole lot more. There’s even a singular comic book collection and artifacts from a golden epoch of Hollywood, including a sunglasses ragged by Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.

5) Snap Some Pics during a Baylor Street Art Wall

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The leftovers from a early stages of a condo growth that fell through, a Baylor Street Art Wall during 11th Baylor Street is a mecca for graffiti and travel artists (as good as their fans). It offers some distinguished pictures, generally with a palace leftover from a aged Texas Military Institute in a background, as good as some good views of downtown Austin. The owners indeed inspire a artists to paint and tag, so there’s always a new further and visitors are authorised to stand a structures, giving them an roughly interactive knowledge with a art.    

Are we in a know about what’s hip and cold in Austin? Got something to supplement to a list? Leave it in a comments territory below!