Back Up Your Sleigh for Montreal’s Oh Sooo Sweet Holiday Markets!

Do we wish a getaway where we can get all of your holiday selling finished in one fell swoop and during a bonus to boot?  Want to shun a raging stampedes of Black Friday and, during a other extreme, a sedate, just-add-it-to-your-cart disciplined of online shopping? Then go to Montreal, Quebec, a holiday gratifying city that we can count on to put we in a joyous mood and to offer we adult lots of fun while we emporium for your desired ones, generally during a arriving markets:   The Nutcracker Market, souk @ sat, and Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal.

Before we go into a markets, we contingency acknowledge that Montreal is a flattering bloat city for selling all year round. From a boutiques in Mile End and along Mont Royal Avenue adult on a Plateau to a encampment of art galleries and present shops in Old Montreal to a big, glossy “grande dame” dialect stores and Underground City in a Business District, Montreal is a magnet for shoppers. With a re-opening of Montreal’s winter holiday markets though, selling here becomes any shopper’s honeyed dream come true.

If bland selling in Montreal is special for a accumulation of high-quality products and model personal use that we can customarily get, a holiday markets are extra special for their unique, locally done products that are sole directly by a artists and artisans who make them. 

You can, for example, buy some smashing valuables and pottery during these markets (for gifts, remember, for gifts!) from a potters and valuables makers who lovingly crafted them by hand, giving we a good possibility to advantage discernment into a care, skill, and tough work they put into formulating such pleasing goods.  If we can’t remember a final time that we spoke with a chairman who done something that we purchased, afterwards that’s usually another large reason to revisit these holiday markets.  We yield some highlights of them below:

The Nutcracker Market (Nov. 24th – Dec. 4th) – A Land of Sweets Like in a Nutcracker Ballet


Brisk Shopping during a Nutcracker Market / Courtesy of Palais des congrès de Montréal

The Nutcracker Market is a land of sweets, honeyed things, and a sweet!  It takes place on a belligerent building of a Palais des Congrès de Montréal, a gathering core in a Quartier International, whose bright, multi-colored façade of potion panels creates for palatable eye candy that jubilantly reflects a holiday treats that this marketplace offers we inside.  Nearly 100 merchants, many of them internal artists and artisans, set adult emporium here for usually 11 days.

The Sweets


A Treasure Trove of Macarons / iMoStudio for Shutterstock

You can bucket adult your sleigh during this marketplace with oodles on oodles of delectable, wretched good goodies like boxes and boxes of party-colored, divinely juicy macarons and lickable lollipops you’ll be lickin’ all day prolonged (for selling energy!), epicurean chocolates, nougat, handmade candies with outlandish flavors and quirky styles like a “sushi kit,” decadent caramel butter, jammin’ fruit jams, salad dressings and grill salsas done with Canadian maple syrup, and honeyed libations such as Cassis and maple syrup liqueurs.

The Sweet Things


Handmade Necklaces of Beautiful Baltic Sea Amber / Alsem for Shutterstock

There are copiousness of honeyed things to supplement to your sleigh as good such as beautiful, golden Baltic Sea amber valuables and handmade pottery, including unequivocally good coffee cups and finish sets of dishware too.  You’ll also find cold and crafty toys for children, scented candles, and perfumes and cosmetics, stylish clothing, pocketbooks, and even ballet attire and other special dance-related products charity by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, that hosts a Nutcracker Market.

The Sweet


Daphné Caron. Danseuse. / by Esabelle Chen. Courtesy of Les Grands Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, an general dance association shaped in Montreal in 1952, combined a Nutcracker Market and a associated Nutcracker Fund for Children in 2010 to lift income for a advantage of internal children who have been stricken with illness or differently disadvantaged.  Les Grand Ballets has been hosting a marketplace for 7 years using now (counting this year), building on a tradition of assisting children in need and stability to supplement a giveaway dimension to a sign “Move a world.  Differently.”  Last year, a Nutcracker Market drew about 68,000 visitors, lifting CA $98,000 for a charity.

The vendors easily minister 10% of their deduction from a sale of their products during a Nutcracker Market to a Nutcracker Fund for Children.

Shoppers who buy gifts during a Nutcracker Market are also giving to children in need by a Nutcracker Fund, including providing them with a possibility to attend a prolongation of a Nutcracker Ballet achieved by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal.

Admission to a marketplace is free.  The Nutcracker Market is located in a Palais des Congrès de Montréal at 1001 place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, and starts during 11 a.m. any day it is open.

Souk @ Sat (Nov. 30th – Dec. 4th) – Like A Bazaar in North Africa, Sans Snake Charmers


Lots of Cool Gifts for Souking Up Your Holiday / by Steve Montpetit. Courtesy of souk @ sat

A “souk,” if we haven’t already guessed, is a marketplace such as a Moroccan concert where we never utterly know what singular and outlandish treasures we competence find, yet are during slightest certain that we positively contingency have a look.  And “sat” is a Society for Arts and Technology, that is an internationally famous non-profit classification founded to foster a digital and media arts.  So souk @ sat afterwards is a holiday concert where about 60 – 70 Montreal artists and designers take over a initial dual floors of a SAT core (putting high record fast on pause) to hawk innovative, one-of-a-kind humanities and crafts that they created.

A Chance to Meet Montreal’s Newest Artists

One of a favorite markets, a sparkling souk @ sat gives we a singular and ephemeral possibility to meet, speak with, and buy from some of Montreal’s newest artists all in one stop.   It is set in an industrial, loft like space where many of a products are displayed on long, low tables that wave we to bootlick down to hold and feel before we buy – usually like we competence do with a Marrakech travel vendor’s wares.  (There’s something about squatting on a belligerent with a businessman that usually says “let’s make a deal.”)

A Range of Innovative Goods from Utilitarian to Très Chic


Low Tables Bearing Pottery and Art Books / by Steve Montpetit. Courtesy of souk @ sat

While souk @ sat is a lot some-more polished than a Marrakech market, another of a clever parallels is that it’s a place where we never know what you’ll find given what’s on offer in any given year depends wholly on what a new organisation of artists have created.  You’re certain to learn a operation of engaging products here from practical nonetheless stylish things like doormats with designs to high conform dresses and stylish jewelry.  One year there was even a neat form of washing bag for sale that we could mount adult in a closet, fill, and afterwards modify into a trek for carrying to a laundromat.  We’ve also seen splendidly woven nap blankets and sweaters here that were beautiful, warm, comfortable, and really good made.

You can spend a lot of time selling here, generally as there is a really good grill on a second building where we can refuel between selling sprints.

Soon to be in a thirteenth year of operation, souk @ sat is located during 1201 Blvd. Saint-Laurent in a Quartier des Spectacles.  It starts during noon on any of a 5 days that it is open to a public, and acknowledgment is free.

Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal (Dec. 2nd – Dec. 24th*) – An Christmas Market, A Village, A Big Party!


Site Plan for this Year’s Grand Christmas Market / Valérie Dupras for Le Grand Marché de Noel de Montréal

What’s grand about Montreal’s Grand Christmas Market?  Well, for starters, about 60 festively flashy wooden houses with vendors charity all kinds of holiday favors will merrily line Saint Catherine Street between Jeanne-Mance and Saint-Urbain streets, that will be pedestrianized for this event, in front of a Complexe Desjardins. Saint Catherine Street, or St. Cath, as it is some-more affectionately known, is one of Montreal’s categorical selling arteries so a further of a Grand Christmas Market effectively puts one grand marketplace within another, thereby easily aggrandizing (pun intended) your holiday selling fun indeed.  Chances are that if you’re in Montreal for a winter holidays, you’ll be selling on St. Cath anyway so attack a Grand Christmas Market should be as free as sledding downhill.

But if we do have any difficulty spotting this market, usually demeanour for a grand Christmas tree, that will reputedly be so high that it will tip even those that have been put adult in New York City’s Rockefeller Center over a years.

Some of a Edible Gifts You Just Might Eat Instead of Give


Holiday Sweets that You’ll Give as Gifts, Right? / Veronika Synenko for Shutterstock

Ice wine, foie gras, heat in a dim string candy, and candied fruits anyone?    You can get lots of juicy and pleasing treats such as these here.   (Now that’s livin’ la dolce vita!)  If a GLOW MTL string candy doesn’t light adult your essence for a holidays though, there are copiousness of other things that will like physique butter, mouth balm, pleasing bijoux (both complicated and selected jewelry), brownies, books, bags, and even shortbread on sticks.  There’s also gentle wardrobe to be had, including plush scarves, nap socks, caps and hats for winter, and holiday slippers.

Plenty of Food to Eat as You Shop (So That You Won’t Drop)

Another good thing about this marketplace is that we don’t have to starve while you’re selling succulent gifts for others given we can things yourself along a approach with good food and spirits during a many stands, kiosks, bars, coffee shops, and booze bars that will be charity epicurean and normal holiday treats.  The aged proverb “shop compartment we drop” usually doesn’t request here since there are so many places where we can get a quick, revivifying pick-me-up of one juicy kind or another.

A Christmas Village Where You’ll Find a Spirit of Christmas


Pet The Polar Bears during The Christmas Village / Courtesy of Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal

Possibly a grandest thing about Montreal’s Grand Christmas Market nonetheless is that it brings a suggestion of a holidays and winter traditions to downtown Montreal with a Christmas encampment set adult on a L’esplanade de la Place des Arts, finish with Santa’s seminar and an fascinated forest.  In a Christmas village, we can attend cookie workshops, float on a carousel, listen to storytelling, and even get in on some Christmas Karaoke.  It’s a good place for family fun and a good mangle from all of a shopping.

A Big New Year’s Eve Party


Happy New Year to All in 2017! / winyuu for Shutterstock

On Dec 31st, a Grand Christmas Market hosts a New Year’s Eve celebration on L’esplanade de la Place des Arts where all are acquire to ring in a New Year.  The fun starts during 5 p.m. with normal block dancing, karaoke, food, and champagne.  Later in a evening, there will be live DJ song to stone we into a New Year properly.

Last year some 500,000 people visited a Grand Christmas Market in a 21 days that it was open.  If that grand spin out is any guide, an equal or larger series should revisit this year, giving we a good event to shop, nosh, and ring in a New Year with holiday revelers from Montreal and all over a world.

*The Grand Christmas Market runs from Dec 2nd to Dec 24th with periodic closings on Dec 5 -7 and Dec 12-13.

A Few Sweet Tips for Your Holiday Shopping Trip


Tips to Make Your Holiday Happy / Tolikoff Photography for Shutterstock

Where a Discounts Are

Since many vital currencies, including a U.S. dollar and a Euro, are clever opposite a Canadian dollar, we can effectively get a bonus on roughly all we squeeze in Canada.  For example, something that costs CA $100 usually costs about US $75 when a squeeze is practiced for banking conversion.   If we buy with a credit label that forgives banking acclimatisation fees, we get to keep some-more of a discount.

Tourisme Montréal offers a “Sweet Deal Package” that enables we to get as most as 50% off your second night’s stay during participating Montreal hotels as good as a pamphlet of coupons with special offers.  Furthermore, some hotels have partnerships with internal businesses that capacitate their guest to get discounts off sell and services so be certain and scrutinise about this during a one we choose.

Some vendors in a markets will assign we a bit reduction if we compensate in cash.

Airfare to Montreal Is Cheap

Flying to Montreal from any of a East Coast states in a U.S. is flattering cheap.  Recently, we saw nonstop fares on a vital airline from New York to Montreal for reduction than $200 spin outing on CheapOair.

Book Your Hotel Room Early

Montreal has copiousness of hotel bedrooms during a operation of opposite cost points, yet a best deals get requisitioned flattering fast around a holidays so don’t check engagement your stay.

What to Bring

Finally, move a big, friendly sleigh (wink).


Have we ever visited a holiday markets in Montreal?  If so, let us know what kinds of honeyed things we picked up.  If not, will we be formulation a outing this year?