Best Of The West: The Where, The When, and The Why

People transport to new areas for many reasons, utterly during critical stages of their life. For those looking to conduct West, here are some of a best cities to pierce to formed on what partial of life we find yourself at.


Be a tyro in – San Francisco

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Hilly San Francisco is a city to be in for those withdrawal a nest. Located a bound skip and a burst divided from dual of America’s many distinguished universities, Stanford University and a University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco is ranked as a 3rd best tyro city in a US. And sitting right subsequent doorway is Silicon Valley, where immature tech-savvy people can find their niche in one of countless start-ups. A conspicuous landscape interconnected with innovative and immature meditative creates San Francisco ideal for a underneath 30s.

Budget Beware: Though a city is some-more affordable than New York City, amenities can still be utterly expensive!

Party in – Las Vegas

Anthony Quintano - Flickr Creative Commons

Anthony Quintano – Flickr Creative Commons

This one is fundamentally a no-brainer. Labeled as “The Entertainment Capital of a World,” Las Vegas has all to perform and greatfully even a many romantic of party-ne’er-do-wells. For lads or ladies looking to chuck birthday parties, bachelor (or bachelorette!) week-ends, or association events, a City of Lights is certain to please. Vegas receives reduction than 5 in of sleet a year, so balmy continue is guaranteed. While there we can’t skip out on a casinos that line a Fremont Street Experience, many of that keep their desirable old-school feel like a a Golden Gate Hotel Casino built in 1906. For anyone looking for a good time, Vegas is a place to be.

Caution: Despite a fact that a State of Nevada is famous for a extra-adult party industry, harlotry is indeed bootleg in Las Vegas (so if anyone comes to we charity some extra-fun, it’d be correct to kindly decline). 

Have your marriage – San Diego

Kenneth Hagemeyer - Flickr Creative Commons

Kenneth Hagemeyer – Flickr Creative Commons

For a couples who have motionless that they contingency have a beach wedding, afterwards San Diego is a place to be The southernmost city in California, (it is usually about 20 miles from a Mexican border) it is sanctified with ascetic continue year-round, with May, Jun and Jul temperatures hovering around mid-70s. Bridal parties won’t have to worry about their guest removing feverishness stroke, their makeup melting off, or even array stains. And with 70 miles of seashore to select from even a worse of a bridezillas will find a frame they like.

Food Tip: San Diego has a tip series (7,000) of farms than any other city in a US and produces some-more avocados than anywhere else in a country, so be certain to get some uninformed furnish on a menu!  

Start a family – Denver

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When starting a family relatives generally demeanour for cities that can possibly yield their children a good preparation or a protected environment. Fortunately, Denver can yield a best of both worlds. Colorado was ranked initial by a investigate finished by WalletHub in terms of “School-System Quality.” Denver is also among a tip 10 safest capitals in a US and like many of a west coast, has good weather. For kids who need space to grow and learn themselves, Denver has a crowd of good places to revisit like a Children’s Museum of Denver, a Wings Over a Rockies Air and Space Museum, and a Denver Zoo. And relatives can rest easy meaningful that they’re safe.

Fun fact: Denver brews some-more drink than any other city in a US, so stressed-out and nap deprived new relatives can get their fix! (On average, over 200 opposite beers are brewed daily)

Retire – Astoria

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Located right during a limit between Oregon and Washington, Astoria’s Port has historically served as an mercantile building for a Pacific Northwest. More recently, it’s been eclipsed in use by a adjacent cities, Portland and Seattle. Consequently, Astoria retains a quieter and quainter vibe, ideal for a timid folks seeking some assent and quiet. Astoria is sanctified with ascetic temperatures via a year, most like a rest of Oregon, creation a whole state appealing for those looking to retire. The city maintains a pier roots and offers an extraordinary array of seafood restaurants, and has recently begun expanding a microbrewery and pub range. For those who are fans of Seattle, Astoria is like a smaller and quieter small cousin that everybody loves.

Historical fact: Astoria was built in 1876 and many of a strange Victorian homes built in that epoch remain, agreeable a truly singular cityscape.

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