Darek & Ilona Take a World: Northern Lights in Alaska!

This month, we’re going to speak about a critical bucket list item—seeing a Aurora Borealis.

More ordinarily called a Northern Lights, saying them is no easy feat. First, we have to conduct to a Arctic Circle. Then, we have to make certain you’re going to a Arctic Circle in a winter. Yep. Make certain we dress warm!

Finally, we have to hang out in a dark, in a frozen cold, outside, and wish you’re propitious adequate to see them. There’s no pledge that you’ll locate a glance of a Northern Lights. Sound intense?

Well, that’s given it is. And of course, a favorite roving couple, Darek and Ilona, have braved a elements to knowledge it! They held a Northern light uncover in Alaska, and survived to tell a story (seriously, we were kind of disturbed about hypothermia there for a minute).

1.) What desirous we to go to Alaska?

Question 1

Ilona: Wine! One night we were only chatting in a kitchen, celebration wine, and we satisfied we’d never seen a Northern Lights. We were both kind of astounded to learn that conjunction of us had seen them before—considering how many we adore to travel—so we motionless to go for it! We chose Alaska given it has a drier meridian than many other countries in a Arctic round (like Iceland, for example), that gives we a improved possibility of saying a Aurora Borealis.

Darek: Plus, it’s a final frontier! It’s awesome, it’s vast, and it’s easy permitted compared to other northern territories.

2.) How cold was it?

Ice Sculptures

Ilona: Crazy cold. We approaching it to be unequivocally cold, so we were prepared. During a day it wasn’t so bad—just -20 degrees Fahrenheit or so—but during night a cold was unequivocally a large challenge. Especially given we wanted to spend a lot of time outward photographing a lights!

Darek: Open your freezer, hang your conduct inside, and breathe. Now suppose that a atmosphere is twice as cold, and it’s like that all the time. At night it was -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and with a breeze chill, it was even colder.

3.) Did a locals have any engaging tips for traffic with a cold?

Cars 2

Ilona: Yes! We saw some unequivocally cold approaches to doing a low temperatures. The initial invention we saw was only after we rented a car—we saw that a automobile was plugged into an electrical opening to keep a battery from dying. They had those in a parking lots during each hotel we stayed at.

Darek: we always suspicion that wearing layers in a winter time was a good idea, though not in Alaska. It’s indeed too cold to covering there, given you’d have to wear so many, that holding them off when we come inside would be unequivocally time-consuming! Locals generally only wear unchanging garments with an intensely complicated coat.

4.) Did we see a Northern Lights?

Lights with Car

Ilona: Yep! We were super propitious and we saw lights each night, even from a plane. It looked like somebody had embellished opposite colors on a sky.

Darek: Yes! We saw them, and we got good photos too!

5.) How did we go about holding photos?

Darek and Ilona with Lights

Ilona: we give all a acclamation to Darek. He did a lot of investigate about how to fire a Northern Lights, and he was customarily a final one to get behind to a automobile to comfortable up. Pictures were some-more critical than warmth!

Darek: The Aurora Boarealis is so extraordinary that we didn’t even feel a cold around me. we was some-more disturbed about a apparatus than myself. The many supportive things in a cold are batteries. Even a entirely charged battery will die quickly. Make certain we have a garland of them and keep them tucked divided in an inner slot in your jacket. Having a tripod is a must, and carrying a remote control is really convenient.

Use high ISO, prolonged exposure, and of course, open aperture. It’s good to have some good forehead like trees or houses. You can even play with lights for special effects.

Shoot as many cinema as your batteries will let you, check them in a morning on your laptop, learn, and fire again a subsequent night. If we need to go behind to a automobile to comfortable up, make certain to take a battery with you—but don’t take a camera! Carrying it behind and onward between a comfortable automobile and a cold atmosphere will means a lenses to haze up, that won’t be good for your photos.

6.) Did we go hiking in Denali National Park?


Darek: Of course! Going to Alaska though hiking in Denali National Park is like going to New York City and not visiting Times Square! We couldn’t go low into a park given of a cold—we didn’t have a right apparatus to hoop a low temperatures—but we did transport a loop around Horseshoe Lake. It was a good wintertime introduction to Alaska’s many visited park.

Ilona: we was really happy to do a Horseshoe trail—I’m not a large fan of sleeping outward in a tent in that kind of impassioned cold!

7.) Did we accommodate any engaging people while we were in Alaska?

Meet People

Ilona: We did! We met a man from Qatar in Denali National Park who also didn’t wish to nap in a tent—because he suspicion it was nonessential weight to lift around! He slept overnight in a park anyway, only outward in a elements. Crazy! He was training for a winter bike race.

Darek: My favorite was a park ranger we met in Denali. For a few years, she used to spend half of a year in Antarctica and a other half in Alaska. That totally creates sense, right? In a wintertime in Alaska they don’t need many employees in Denali, so she would conduct south to Antarctica where it was summer and work there. Seems like a flattering cold life to me—I’m perplexing to figure out how we can get a pursuit like that!

8.) What recommendation would we give to other travelers deliberation a outing to Alaska?

I adore Alaska

Ilona: Definitely go! It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer. Each deteriorate has a possess sorcery beauty. The Northern Lights are really something singular that everybody should see during slightest once in their life. Be prepared for a super cold, though don’t let a continue shock you. With additional comfortable clothes, you’ll have an journey that you’ll never forget.

Darek: Most people will go in a summer, that we totally understand. You’ll get comfortable weather, unconstrained daylight, and it’s many easier to travel. But my series one square of recommendation would be to go in a winter. It’s so different—the flights are cheaper, it’s reduction crowded, there are no mosquitoes—and of course, there are a Northern Lights. As Ilona said, wear comfortable clothes, though it’s totally value it. You’ll have a front quarrel chair to a coolest healthy light uncover in a world.

Would we dauntless a Alaskan cold to see a Northern Lights? Let us know in a comments below!