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Etihad’s New First Class Suites Are Luxurious and Amazing


The inhabitant airline of a United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, mostly turns a dial adult on in-flight luxury. Its unchanging initial category and business category cabins already exaggerate far-reaching seats and a high-tech party system. Recently, it went above and over nonetheless (pun really intended), divulgence a new “Residence” First Class apartment in a A380 cabins. Here’s what we can expect.


The “Residence by Etihad”, a three-room VIP suite, comes with a possess vital room, double bedroom, and shower. It will be located on a upper-deck of a plane, and you’ll also have entrance to a servant and a chef. While we can’t book a chair yet, a airline has 10 A380s on order, and a initial will entrance in December. According to Jalopnik, it will transport from Abu Dhabi to Sydney and Melbourne, and a sheet will run we $20,000.


While any moody will have usually one Residence, a A380s will also come with 9 private First Apartments, says CNN. The suites will embody a recumbent loll seat, a apart full-length bed, a minibar, wardrobe, and more. In business category for both a A380 and B787 jets, we can suffer a Business Studio, that carries extras routinely found in a initial category of other airlines. Forget a close and superannuated seats of a past – you’ll get a personal television, gentle seats, and a prosaic bed. Both initial category and business category fliers will accept sound cancelling headphones, touch-screen menus, a minibar, and over 750 hours of party and gaming.



If we contingency fly economy class, don’t worry, you’ll get an ascent as well. The new Smart Seat will underline an ergonomic headrest and a hold screen.


Nandita Raghuram is a staff author for a Miles Away blog.


Photo Credit: Eithad Airways