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Fancy and Swiss Franc Free! How to Do Zurich for $150 a Day

When we frequently find yourself on a tip of lists detailing a many costly cities in a world, we know you’re no bargain. From a watches to a banks, Zurich is a city famous for oppulance and luxury. Set on a slick lake with a good recorded Old Town, Zurich competence tumble in a land of oppulance though it doesn’t have to tighten a doors to bill travelers. If we are looking to revisit this costly Swiss city, it’s probable to do so for $150 or reduction a day.

Here’s how…


Not all accommodation options in Zurich have to mangle a bank. Rather than staying during mainstream hotels, bill travelers should instead find out hostels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts that support to those on a parsimonious budget. At a same time, these bill accommodations still run during a premium. A common room during many hostels will run around $50 per person. Guesthouses and bill hostels cost $60 to $80 per night. The over out we stay, a some-more income we can save. For a truly bill and out-there experience, we can even stay while in town. From May to October, visitors can stay in a safari tent on Lake Zurich. Proudly a usually campsite situated within a city limits, it usually costs about $45 per chairman per night. Other campsites circuitously are even cheaper like that on Lützelau Island. A tent site for one adult runs around $25.


Zurich offers a resources of open travel options, though if we paid for any one and each outing individually, we competence finish adult floating your budget. If we devise on visiting Zurich for 3 days, a ZurichCARD competence be your best gamble for affordable transportation. The label lends 72 hours of total open transportation, including a sight to and from a airport. The 72-hour pass runs around $50 and we can also squeeze a 24-hour pass during half a cost. In further to providing all a travel we will need, a label also includes opening to many of Zurich’s vital attractions during a giveaway or reduced rate. If we don’t wish to spend a Swiss Franc on transportation, a city has a giveaway open bike program. With only an I.D. and a tiny deposit, we can take a bike out all day. The giveaway bikes can be picked adult from a series of locations.

Food and Drink 

Food and splash in Zurich will mostly run a traveler’s budget, generally if they eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can save on drinks by avoiding ethanol in general. Beer, wine, and cocktails out will merely eat divided during your wallet. Instead, we can take advantage of Zurich’s aged mill fountains all around town. Home to 1,224 open fountains, we can fill adult your H2O bottle for giveaway and suffer excellent, high-quality celebration water. In terms of food, offered locally during a supermarket like a Swiss sequence Coop is one easy approach to only collect adult breakfast and lunches and save some additional cash. If we wish to eat out with spending a lot, try a Viaduct Market Hall. Unique in that it sets adult underneath a railway viaduct, a indoor marketplace facilities internal farmers, butchers, and bakers offered their uninformed products 6 days a week. In further to marketplace stalls, a marketplace also facilities cafes and restaurants charity mostly bill accessible dishes by Zurich’s standards.


 Roam a Old Town

Filling adult your channel in Zurich doesn’t even need to cost one Swiss franc. Travelers removing to know a city can start roaming a streets of a Old Town but spending anything. You can even join a Downtown Zurich Tour for giveaway that takes we on a 1.5-hour walking debate each day during 11 a.m. You’ll see a vital sights like a Fraumünster along with dark gems, all while appreciating information from a guide.


If we squeeze a ZurichCARD for your travel needs, we can benefit entrance to many of Zurich’s museums for giveaway or during a ignored rate. Even if we don’t buy a card, we can also revisit some of Zurich’s museums for free. Ironically a Money Museum provides giveaway acknowledgment while highlighting a growth of income and a influence. Another cold freebie museum in Zurich is a Zoological Museum of a University of Zurich, home to 1,500 animals.

Parks and Gardens

Luckily for bill travelers, Zurich is lonesome in parks and gardens that we can try during no cost. You can ramble Rieterpark, a largest park in Zurich or conduct for Belvoir Park, one of a region’s oldest landscape gardens. A Zurich favorite is simply Lindenhof. Offering constrained views of a Old Town, you’ll also find copiousness of Linden trees to cruise underneath and even hulk chess sets. For a some-more zoological experience, we can revisit a Langenberg Wildlife Park Zurich during no cost and try a animals of Switzerland.

River Pools

If we revisit Zurich in a summer, we can cold off with Alpine and city views in one of a many stream pools. The city facilities several pools built right into a stream Limmat. While some come with a cost, a series are giveaway to a open including a Lower Letten River Pool, a Upper Letten River Pool, and a Schanzengraben River Pool.

Visiting one of a many costly cities in a world, one famous for a large banks and jazzy watches, doesn’t have to engage spending thriving amounts of Swiss Francs. With a bit of clever planning, it’s probable to knowledge a joys of Zurich during $150 a day or less.

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