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How I’m Attending Coachella on a Budget

As over one hundred thousand Coachella-goers regulate to reality, I’m finalizing my outfits for a second weekend of one of a many renouned song festivals in a world. To some, it’s overrated, overpriced and too mainstream. But, I’ve always wanted to go, so this year we am! I’ve activated my wristband and am counting down a days until my initial Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I’m not usually looking brazen to a song and food, we can’t wait for a art installations. And now I’m spilling my secrets on how we was means to means tickets, get invited to a few pool parties and all else I’m doing to ready for my weekend in Indio.

Getting Tickets

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I’m not gonna lie, we was a small let down when we found out Beyoncé wasn’t headlining. But I’m still stoked for Mama Monster! This will be my second time saying her. The law is, we got my sheet during a pre-sale before a lineup was even announced. For years, my college bestie and we have wanted to go to a Coachella. Last year, we did a small digging and motionless we were going to make it occur in 2017. Let’s be real, a tickets are EXPENSIVE! Plus, we have to cause in a cost of transport from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Getting my sheet during a pre-sale is a usually approach I was means to means Coachella. During a pre-sale, we have a choice to do a remuneration plan. Instead of profitable scarcely $500 during once for tickets and a convey pass, I paid about $80 a month for a few months, that done it many some-more affordable.

TIP:​ The pre-sale tickets sell out fast and there are usually a few remuneration devise slots. So when a pre-sale dates are announced, put a sign on your calendar!

Where To Stay

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As shortly as a tickets went on sale to a public, we requisitioned a hotel room. We didn’t wish all of a affordable options offered out. There are many opposite forms of accommodations during Coachella depending on your bill and a knowledge we wish to have. There’s tent or automobile camping for a budget-friendly celebration animal. If glamping is some-more your style, a on-site Safari Tents demeanour fanciful and, while expensive, a Teepees during Lake Eldorado are a summary of Coachella vibes. We motionless on a mid-range hotel that’s walking stretch to a convey stop. Making it easy to pregame and save a few coins on cocktails and an Uber.

Where To Play

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I’m a sleuth. So researching and formulation are my ideas of fun. While I’ve never been to Coachella, we have been to identical song festivals like OutsideLands in San Francisco. I schooled that one of a many critical things to do before a festival is listening to a lineup and squeezing down that bands we wish to see. There are 7 opposite stages and over 150 performers, so I’ve been listening to a Coachella playlist on YouTube and saving my favorites to my possess playlist.

I also wanted to get on a guest list of some of those VIP pool parties. So I’ve used a interwebs to make that happen. Mostly interjection to links like this. I’m not totally preoccupied to a fact that we fundamentally have to know Rachel Zoe herself to get invited to her uber-exclusive, Italian-inspired Zoasis. And I’m flattering certain my entice for a Revolve Festival got mislaid in a mail. Still, we was means to get on a few guest lists but carrying to guarantee my firstborn to anyone. Although, we did learn that it’s now common use to supply your amicable media handles when RSVPing.

How To Budget

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I make some of my income as a freelancer, so it’s normal for me to get paid around PayPal. One of a easiest ways I’ve been means to save income is by not touching my Paypal comment for a integrate of months. By doing only that, we was means to save adult adequate to compensate for my hotel, sequence a few things online and leave me with $100 per day for spending money. Coachella is some-more about a knowledge than any element object we could buy. Getting to LA from Atlanta has been utterly an experience, finish with late flights, missed trains and damaged suitcases. So, to be honest, souvenirs only aren’t in my budget! But, what’s a improved commemoration than some epic Instaworthy photos?

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