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How to Do Hong Kong for $100 a Day

Hong Kong is famous for a lot of things. Being an inexpensive city isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, experiencing east-meets-west with large city glitz doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

As a finish famous for creation a many of a singular space and for carrying one of a world’s many fiercely rival food scenes, bargains mostly positively do abound. In fact, some of a coolest things about any revisit to Hong Kong occur in a travel and, if not indeed free, they are immaterial in price.

Allow us to lay out a few ideas to assistance we save income on during your outing with some tips on where to stay and how to play on a singular budget. We’re presumption we already have your airfare taken caring of and that we won’t be renting a car. The internal banking is a Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) with an sell rate of (at a time this post was written) HK$7.8125 to 1 United States Dollar (US$).


For a many affordable accommodation that’s protected and clean, hostels and guesthouses are a approach to go. These can be as low in cost as US$25 a night, though a best guesthouses tend to run about US$50-60. With honour to location, your dual categorical options are Hong Kong Island (the southern territory that’s a chronological core of a city) and Kowloon (an area of a peninsula usually opposite Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong Island’s northern shore). You’ll find some-more budget-friendly options in Kowloon with a brew of hostels, guesthouses, and mid-range hotels.


If we adore eating travel food and experiencing a place like a locals do, you’ll have a juicy time in Hong Kong on even a many medium of budgets. Hoping to spend US$5 or reduction for a stuffing and juicy breakfast or lunch isn’t an irrational finish and a peculiarity cooking doesn’t have to cost many more. Fun to try and as authentic as it comes in Hong Kong, a city’s outside markets are ideal for perplexing inexpensive cooking (and drinks) while removing a feel for daily doings of internal folks. Some of a best dai pai dongs (open-air food stalls) are during Graham Street, Fa Yeun Street, Li Kung Street and Temple Street.

For those who simply contingency splurge while roving though still wish to be frugal about it, cruise going all out for one of Hong Kong’s distinguished buffets. From total servings of low sum and classical Cantonese dishes to a brew of Chinese and Western favorites, a best buffets can run US$75 or more, though there are extraordinary buffets that are underneath US$20. Whatever a case, they’re an knowledge in and of themselves. Plus if we go on a early side (weekend brunch is many typical), we won’t need to eat another dish for a rest of a day. On a reduce finish of a cost spectrum – though many desired for choice and season of food – is a all-you-can-eat Super Sunday smorgasboard during 798 Unit Co on Hau Fook Street.

Getting Around

The best approach to navigate Hong Kong’s streets, generally if you’re on a budget, is on feet or around open transportation. You’ll be hard-pressed to spend some-more than $US10 no matter how many we wish to zip around. When you’re there, be certain to get an Octopus card, an electronic label we can use to entrance many open transportation. It can be purchased during preference stores, quick food restaurants, supermarkets and stations opposite a city. For visitors, there are dual cards to choose. One is a Sold Tourist Octopus label (HK$39) and a On-Loan Octopus label with a refundable deposition of HK$50. The Octopus can also be used for giveaway entrance and discounts during attractions, restaurants, and shops.

Attractions and Sightseeing

Many of a best attractions in Hong Kong are giveaway or have a favoured acknowledgment fee. For overwhelming views of and from a Victoria Harbour, there’s a Star Ferry, that has been used by commuters to get behind and onward for over a hundred years and offers a seven-minute channel that costs pennies (they also have several full tours of a gulf that run from US$12-26. Another illusory perspective choice is to take a tram to a tip of The Peak on Hong Kong Island, that costs around US$11 (or we can use your Octopus card). History and enlightenment buffs should note that acknowledgment to many museums in Hong Kong is giveaway each Wednesday. The intensely renouned Happy Valley equine races also take place each Wednesday (although they’re customarily during night) and a sheet usually costs a integrate of bucks.

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