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How To Do Tokyo For $100 A Day

It’s loyal that it’s probable to spend a lot of income fast while visiting Tokyo (some of us know from personal experience). However, this shouldn’t deter bill travelers from visiting. There are copiousness of ways to have an implausible knowledge in this colourful city on a bill of $100 per day. Here are some suggestions for how to widen your dollar- or yen – on accommodations, transportation, food drink, and attractions in Japan’s collateral city.


With a bit of internet scouring, you’ll be means to find a accumulation of no-frills (yet purify and comfortable) hotels in Tokyo for underneath $60 USD per night (be certain to review a reviews before booking). Airbnb also has affordable one and two-bedroom unit options in fascinating neighborhoods. If you’re roving with others, try to find accommodations we can share to move a cost down even more.


Tokyo has a strong open transport complement that creates it really affordable to get where we need to go. The transport complement is comparatively easy to navigate (even for non-Japanese speakers) and during 800 yen (approximately $7) for a 24-hr ticket, it’s by distant your cheapest option. Most of Tokyo’s engaging neighborhoods are walking friendly, that means you’ll be saving income as we soak in a extraordinary sights, sounds, and smells on your possess time. Sharing a cost of a cab with other travelers is also comparatively inexpensive if we can’t take open transport or walk.

Food Drink

If you’re looking for a city plentiful with culinary bliss, you’ve selected a right city to transport to! Tokyo is famous for a travel food stalls that offer adult prohibited soba and ramen (noodles), uninformed sushi, and bean spread candy (among other tasty options). Not usually is this really a cheapest approach to eat, though you’ll also fit right in with a locals who revisit these spots during a work week. Affordable sit-down cooking options embody shabu-shabu (boiled beef and vegetables), sushi counters (fresh and fantastic!), and tempura (lightly smashed and boiled meat, seafood, and vegetables). Local beers like Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo tend to be a cheapest alcoholic splash options (and span good with delicious Japanese dishes). Be certain to try a burble tea/boba (flavored, honeyed tea with tapioca pearls) as an inexpensive pick-me-up while you’re out and about, sightseeing.


Speaking of sightseeing, there are copiousness of giveaway or really affordable. There are walking and biking paths that approximate a impeccably landscaped Imperial Palace. No bike? No problem. Every Sunday a Palace provides 150 giveaway bikes for pedaling along a Palace’s cycling course. Senso-ji, one of Tokyo’s famous Buddhist temples, is giveaway to revisit and offers utterly a knowledge – be certain to take your time and crop souvenirs in a large stalls heading adult to a church itself. Another good approach to knowledge a internal enlightenment but violation a bank is to attend a matsuri (festival). These occur frequently in and around Tokyo. Check out gotokyo.org for some-more information about festivals and informative events that will be function when you’re in town.



Have we trafficked to Japan? Do we have any other suggestions for how to save income while carrying an memorable knowledge in Tokyo? Let us know in a comments section.

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