Air Travel

How to Survive a Long Flight

OK, let’s be honest….who wants to go to Patagonia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia?….I gamble many of we will contend YES! So what’s holding we back???

Time, money, distance….

Time…you merit to have 2-3 week vacations, so that’s not a problem.

Money…about this we can speak subsequent time.

Distance…yes, that competence be a hold-back, though it shouldn’t. we used to consider a same. If we have to fly 22 hours we should go for a month or so….but how do we get 1 month off from work? It’s like an egg and a chicken.

Finally, we motionless that zero should stop us and we should fly to a farthest place we wish to.

New Zealand was a tip dream destination. It takes during slightest 20 hours to fly from New York to Auckland, and we wanted to fly even serve to Christchurch.

So how can we tarry such a prolonged flight?

Choose a Best Airlines

Remember, we will be stranded in one craft for 10-15 hours so select your airlines carefully. Pay courtesy to airlines ranking, review what they offer, check cinema on a Internet, and review some reviews. There are a lot of airlines that can get we to New Zealand. Air New Zealand was a apparent choice. They work on this track for many years, they’ve frequently surfaced a lot of rankings and their reward economy category is a best I’ve seen. I’ve beheld that Air New Zealand is one of a tip 10 best airlines in a world. They’re also winning awards for their good use and cabin category innovations.

Choose Your Seat in Advance. If Possible Upgrade to a Better Class

premium economy

Air New Zealand has a good reward economy category (not to discuss a illusory business class). The reward economy is a oppulance transport knowledge in an affordable price. For $3,000 per chairman we can fly from a US to Auckland NZ in a cabin where a ambiance is some-more like Business Class than Economy.

If we can’t means reward economy, select economy with additional leg-room. Air New Zealand offers Skycouch. It’s an creation that we haven’t seen in any other airline. This is a good resolution for relatives with kids. we had a possibility sitting in a Skycouch row. we tested it. It’s flattering cool. Imagine sleeping on 3 seats. If there are dual adults it’s still available though we competence have to huddle. For primogenitor and 1-2 kids it’s perfect. Your child will suffer it a lot. If we fly a opposite airline, get a additional leg room to make your moody some-more comfortable.

comfy legroom

Conclusion, don’t be inexpensive on your seat! we know many airlines assign additional for selecting your chair though it’s value to compensate a bit additional and get some-more leg room, a window/aisle chair (whatever we prefer), and relax on a flight. Your comfort while roving is priceless.

Choose a Longer Connection Time

At a beginning, we competence wish to have a 1-2 hour tie and pierce to a subsequent plane. However, a brief tie is unsure and we competence find it tough if there are any delays over your control. We flew from NY to LA (6 hours) and afterwards from LA to Auckland (13 hours) and a final one Auckland to Christchurch (1.5 hours). We indeed motionless to have a 6-hour movement in LA. we know we competence consider we’re crazy though it’s not that bad if we get out of a airport. We took a cab to Santa Monica, took a travel on a boardwalk and had lunch during a good Italian Restaurant. After this brief break, we roughly forgot that only few hours behind we had flown for 6 hours.

Our craft to Auckland was behind and we couldn’t make it to a subsequent flight. Luckly, Air New Zealand rebooked us when we were in a atmosphere and a captain only sensitive us about a change. This was unequivocally courteous and saved us a lot of highlight and nonessential hurry. So we see, it’s unsure to have brief send time. And again – good airlines will take caring of your send and save we all a con during a airport.

Fewer Planes – Less Stress

Take as few planes as possible. Non-stop flights competence be some-more costly though are value profitable additional for. Just consider how many it’s value for we to be some-more loose on your vacation, get there faster, and make certain that your family is not totally tired. Priceless – right? So spending a few some-more dollars to get a uninterrupted moody is unequivocally value it. Choose a best tie and afterwards start checking a cost for this specific flight. When a cost satisfies we – only go forward and book it.

Carry On Less, Move Faster

carry on

After spending 13 hours in a plane, we unequivocally would wish to stretch. So travel around a airport, do some window selling during a avocation free, etc. Do it though nonessential carry-on. Keep your carry-on as tiny and light as possible, carrying only a essentials that we need during a flight. The rest – only check in. You are checking bags anyway so what’s a indicate in carrying too many things in your carry-on bag?

Headsets, Pillows, and Other Gadgets

Headsets, your pillow, books, and other electronic gadgets should be in your carry-on. Think what we like to do a many and only devise to do it on a plane. Sleeping, reading, personification games, examination cinema – these are always a best time killers. So make certain we have a good neck sham and a comfy headset to give we a still we need to sleep. Take that book we always wanted to review though never get time to. Choose airlines with Wi-fi, energy opening or only outrageous pierce preference so we won’t get bored.


There are a lot of manners how to quarrel a jet-lag. For me there are dual categorical important. First, select a time of a moody carefully. The tip airlines will do it for you. For instance Air New Zealand takes off from California during 9:30 pm. Perfect time to have a cooking and go to sleep. You wake-up after 8 hours and comprehend that there are only 5 some-more hours to fly – sounds improved than 13 hours.

stay hydrated

Water, H2O and some-more H2O – we trust that H2O can assistance we quarrel a jet-lag. After prolonged outing your physique will be droughty so we will be some-more tired. Drink H2O as mostly as we can. Ideally have a bottle with we so we don’t have to worry moody attendant any time we wish to take a sip. You will review a lot about not celebration ethanol during a flight. That’s true. You should extent yourself to one splash with a cooking to get we relax. Avoid celebration by a whole moody since it creates we droughty even more. we have to acknowledge that Air New Zealand had a best booze we ever had during a plane.

So get prepared and suffer a flight! The whole organisation is there to make it as pleasing as possible!

And Air New Zealand is unequivocally cold airline to fly with. Just check their reserve videos, have we ever seen a improved one!