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How to Take Travel Photos in 360 Degrees

Find a New Perspective in your Holiday Pictures. Photo credit: Panono

You know how we take photographs of your vacation and afterwards soon forget what they’re even about. They raise on tip of themselves in a dim recesses of your dungeon phone, watchful to be gushed over. If megabytes could get dusty, those would.

By a time we lift them out again, we don’t even know where they came from. They’re snaps of your boyfriend’s brother’s face with a tiny, hardly tangible Eiffel Tower spire poking by in a background. But that’s all about to change.

This device goes over a normal camera – 360 degrees over to be exact. Photographers toss a ball-shaped Panono camera and during a heighest hight, it snaps a entirely round picture.

The camera uses a supportive accelerometer that total out when a round reaches a peak and a half-second when a round is motionless. 36 fixed-focus cameras glow off and take a 72 megapixel, high-resolution picture from each angle. Just remember to demeanour adult and contend cheese.

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(H/t: designboom) 

Photocredit: Panono