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How You Can Visit Iceland on a Budget of $100 (Or Less) a Day

As shortly as we hold down in a Land of Fire and Ice, a high costs of Iceland can start to bake your income and we risk frozen we out from affording a entirely authentic experience. From a cost of food to a rates for accommodations to transport fees, Iceland can be an expensive destination. But we don’t have to flog it off of your bucket list only since we are on a transport budget. We did a legwork to find out how we can stay, eat, get around, and sight-see in Iceland for roughly $100 or reduction a day.


Most transport budgets take a biggest strike when it comes to anticipating a place to stay in Iceland. Even for a really basic, non-fancy hotel (or a private Airbnb rental), you’ll substantially compensate upwards of $200 a night. That cost can vacillate depending on a time of year of your visit. And if we conduct to Iceland outward of a bustling summer season, you’ll mount a improved possibility of saving some income on a hotel. But there are several budget-friendly accommodations options over hotels.

You can save with a classical low-cost (and hipper) choice to hotels: hostels, that are pricier in Iceland compared to elsewhere and run anywhere from $25 to $50 a night per chairman per night. For a stripped-down budget, generally in a summer, we can try camping. There are dozens of campsites in Iceland that can cost anywhere from $5 to $20. And if we don’t wish to compensate a dime, couchsurfing is giveaway and utterly renouned in Iceland.


Getting around Iceland is best done by let car. You’ll have a leisure to go where we wish to go when we wish to go. Car rentals (as per a discerning hunt during July) can run as low as underneath $40 per day for a mini automobile option. Split between friends, that can supplement adult to only $20 a day on transportation. Keep in mind, however, you’ll need to bill for gas, that is utterly costly in Iceland. From Mar to Jun of 2017, a normal cost per liter of gasoline in Iceland was $1.86…which adds adult to only over $7 a gallon.

The nation does boast an endless train system, though with train passes using a integrate hundred dollars and (calculating on where we wish to go and a length of your trip) relying on open movement competence not be as cost-effective as renting a car.

One company, Happy Campers, lets we lease a camper outpost for as low as $117 per day. With a ability to nap dual people, you’re looking during $84 per chairman for both accommodations and transportation. Again, if we don’t wish to compensate a Króna for transportation, we can always hitch that is also generally hackneyed in Iceland.

Food Drink

One of a best ways to save income while in Iceland is to conflict eating out as many as possible. Buying dishes during grocery stores will save we a good cube of change since dining out during restaurants will expected blow your bill in only one sitting. If we need to eat out during your outing to Iceland, a best to do it for lunch — when menu prices are a bit cheaper.

You’ll also wish to lay off a celebration while in Iceland. With a splash using around $10, interjection to high taxes on alcohol, throwing behind a few cold ones can cost a lot. So if you’re not one to splash H2O from a reusable H2O bottle (keep in mind Iceland is home to some of a best celebration H2O in a world), we competence wish to collect adult a bottle or dual of drink during duty-free when we arrive during a airport.



One upside to roving by Iceland on a bill is that many of a attractions are natural, definition they don’t customarily come with an acknowledgment fee.

Geothermal Pools

The many famous geothermal pool is a Blue Lagoon…which will set we behind $60 for a bare-bones ticket… Thankfully, Iceland is crawling in with less-famous and inexpensive local geothermal pools. In fact, many towns have a prohibited open or pool with possibly no acknowledgment price or a tiny one (we’re articulate $10). Some giveaway geothermal pools opposite Iceland that are value seeking out embody Reykjadalur, Seljavallalaug, Landbrotalaug, and Hveravellir.

Reykjavik Walking Tour

For a sip of city life in Iceland, we can mostly try a collateral city of Reykjavik but forking over your wallet. Since it is a comparatively tiny city, we can ramble on feet and learn many of a attracts but a plaque shock. In fact, many debate companies, including City Walk Reykjavik and Free Walking Tour Reykjavik, offer giveaway walking tours of a collateral city (although we should cruise tipping your guide). Most yield a good introduction to a city with copiousness of credentials on Iceland’s story and culture.

Chasing Waterfalls

Iceland facilities several waterfalls, many of that we can only travel right adult to and see. Arguably a many famous of that is Gullfoss. Open 24/7 and announced giveaway open open space, a iconic rapids facilities walls reaching adult to 70 meters in height. Part of a Golden Circle Tour, a rapids sits in South Iceland on a Hvítá River.


Iceland is a hiker’s dream with loads of different hiking trails we can try during no cost. Thanks to a landscape, we can trek with mountains, lava fields, glaciers, prohibited springs, and lakes as your backdrops. If we have time, try a few miles on a Laugavegur Trail, one of a many unusual walking trails in a world.

Did we knowledge plaque startle on a outing to Iceland? Share your best bill finds in Iceland in a comments below!