If You Like Piña Coladas…Go to Puerto Rico!

The reduction of rum, cream of coconut and pineapple extract seems simple, in fact, officious basic. However, “the signature splash of Puerto Rico” is anything but basic.  That’s right, while a piña colada can be found on probably each beachside bar menu around a world, a mixture many compared wth pleasant vacations (as good as “getting held in a rain”) began in Puerto Rico. The island has even left so distant as to announce a piña colada a central drink, though a story of removing there is a bit murky.

Whether guilty pleasure or your approved cocktail of choice on vacation, here are a few spots where we can sip on some of Puerto Rico’s piña colada history, cocktail umbrellas, and maraschino cherries included.


Set adult in Old San Juan, Barrachina is one of dual spots in Puerto Rico that claims to be a hearth of a famous drink. As Barrachina tells it, Spanish mixologist, Ramon Portas Mingot came to a renouned grill and bar and invented a piña colada in 1963. Perched in a two-century-old colonial building finish with an interior courtyard, we can sequence some-more than only piña coladas here. Barrachina serves a brew of Spanish, Puerto Rican, and general cuisine. While skeptics competence doubt a fact that a piña coladas come out of a slushie machine, Barrachina maintains a tip to a strange piña colada is to not use ice. Instead, a cocktails use H2O that is afterwards solidified and topsy-turvy in a biggest of slushie fashion.

The Caribe Hilton

Duking it out with Barrachina for pretension of contriver of a piña colada is a Caribe Hilton in San Juan. The oppulance hotel claims it served a initial during a Beachcombers Bar behind in 1954. Bartender Ramon “Monchito” Marrero was reportedly educated by his bosses to come adult with a splash that would paint a island. After 3 months, he staid on what would turn famous as a piña colada. Further complicating a piña colada birth story is nonetheless another barkeeper during a Caribe Hilton who claims to have invented it, Ricardo Gracia. While a strange bar is no more, we can sequence a strange recipe during a Caribar with a breathtaking sea views. The recipe consists of white rum, coconut cream, complicated cream, uninformed pineapple extract and a half crater of dejected ice.

Sandy Beach

One of a many distinguished spots in Rincon is simply Sandy Beach. Known as a good widen of silt in Puerto Rico, you’ll find a decidedly active beach throng here. However, that doesn’t meant beach goers don’t like to chuck behind a few piña coladas. Right on a beach is Tamboo Tavern, partial of a Beside a Pointe Guesthouse. Often found on lists of a best beach bars in a world, we can sequence adult a piña colada here and sip on it in character on a bar’s alfresco beachfront rug while listening to live music.

Flamenco Beach

For a some-more internal piña colada tasting experience, we can do as a locals do and squeeze one from a beach businessman on Flamenco Beach. Located on a island of Culebra, Flamenco Beach is mostly heralded as one of a best beaches in a world. You’ll find many kiosks set adult along a beach offered snacks and, many importantly, piña coladas. Stretching for a mile around a easeful bay, a transparent clear, bluish waters and soothing sands infer ideal for swimming (and also piña colada sipping, of course).

Have we had a quite juicy piña colada in Puerto Rico? Share your favorite mark for piña coladas with us in a comments below