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Ilona & Darek Take a World: Acadia National Park!

Folks, how many of we wish that we trafficked more?

RIGHT? I’m with you, my friends. Let’s transport all a time.

There are some folks who are fundamentally vital a dream, one outing during a time, and this week, we’ve got a special pleasure of introducing we to dual of them! That’s right, lovelies. We’ve got two, real-live, transport unicorns in a midst. They’re on a go roughly constantly.

And they both have fulltime jobs! Who knew? They give me hope, guys.

Meet Darek and Ilona, your new, favorite roving couple. We asked a dual of them to give us an inside demeanour during their latest adventure—and to give us some disdainful tips about how you can transport more, usually like they do.

You’re welcome!

Tell us a tiny bit about yourselves!

Acadia 2

Ilona: We’re both from Poland, though we’ve lived in a US now for several years. I’m a selling manager during CheapOair. we adore operative during a transport company, given transport is such a large partial of a lives.

(Full disclosure, Ilona sits a few seats down from me during a office. Her transport photos mostly stimulate apartment envy.)

Darek: I’m in a booze business, so transport is a large partial of my pursuit as well. we need to keep exploring a booze world, building my believe and palate, to stay on tip of a industry. Travel has always been a large partial of my life—when we was a kid, my family and we trafficked as many as we could. Back then, during a 70s and 80s, it wasn’t unequivocally easy for people in Poland to travel, though we done a many of it. We were always spending a holidays somewhere!

How mostly do we dual travel?


Ilona: As many as we can! we still work in an office, so we have to be artistic with my singular vacation days. But we take advantage of a weekends and other holidays as many as we can to max out a time.

Darek: For some people too much—but for us, not enough. Even a few hours of shun from a typical life we can call travel.

Ilona: Because travel’s not always about holding flight—sometimes it’s about finding new places right in your possess backyard.

What kinds of trips do we like to take?

Acadia 4

Ilona: we adore architecture, so we like site saying in large cities, and we also adore hiking. we like saying things that are off a beaten path. Sometimes we have to transport to see a genuine beauty, infrequently we have to expostulate out to where no one else is going.

Darek: we adore to accommodate people from opposite cultures, so we adore spending time in singular cities where we can learn about a culture, see a architecture, and knowledge a internal approach of life. we also spent many years operative in a New York City restaurant, so tasting a internal food is one of my favorite parts! we adore hiking and backpacking too—I can spend weeks in a wilderness!

Ilona: We both like a brew of civic and outdoorsy, so we’re flattering good about assembly median and formulating trips that are extraordinary and unique.

What was a many new outing we took?

Acadia 1

Ilona: Most recently, we visited Acadia National Park over Labor Day weekend.

Darek: I’ve spent 20 years vital on a East Coast and have never been to Acadia National Park! The islands are so beautiful—waiting so prolonged was a large mistake!

What done we select Acadia National Park for this trip?


Darek: One of my dreams is to revisit all 58 inhabitant parks in a US. we started on a West Coast, that has a lot some-more inhabitant parks, and have been operative my approach east. Acadia National Park seemed like a best choice for a quick, weekend getaway—it’s unequivocally unique, and it’s usually a 10 hour expostulate from New York.

Ilona: Yes—for years we were blank out on this pleasing park that’s usually around a corner. We transport a lot on a West Coast, though progressing this year, a co-worker during CheapOair visited Acadia, and she was so vehement about it that we couldn’t assistance though demeanour it adult on Google. After that, we motionless we had to go there.

(Shout out to how mostly CheapOair employees inspire any other to travel! We get around, folks.)

What was a prominence of your trip?


Ilona: The seals! we adore animals, so we took a vessel to go see a seals, and we found them! They were all loose on a tiny island, it was so sweet. we took tons of pictures!

Darek: we desired a seals too, though for me a prominence of a outing was a hiking.

Ilona: Of march it was.

(Check out that marital side-eye. These dual are adorable.)

Darek: We took several, though there are dual that we unequivocally recommend. One is a transport to a tip indicate along a North Atlantic Coastline to Cadillac Peak. The perspective along a transport and from a tip was outstanding. Of course, we can expostulate to a tip though because would we do that? You’d skip out on a whole experience.

The second one was a transport adult Precipice Trail to Champlain Peak. That was something I’ll remember until a finish of my days. we don’t consider I’ve ever gifted such a formidable transport on a East Coast. There were so many straight ladders and iron rungs—it was amazing, though we really wouldn’t suggest this transport for anybody with a fear of heights.

(Count me out, guys.)

What recommendation would we give to travelers looking to follow in your footsteps?


Ilona: If you’re headed to Acadia, make certain we try their whole lobster! The best ones we ate were during Thurston’s Lobster Pound. But in general, a sign is, twenty years from now, we will be some-more unhappy by a things we didn’t do than by a ones we did do. So get out there!

Darek: We’ve met so many people on a travels, and a many critical thing we’ve schooled is that, it doesn’t matter how many income we have or how aged we are—try to learn new places as mostly as we can. Those adventures will learn we a lot. Don’t be fearful to travel. Catch a trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Have any of we ever been to Acadia National Park? What did we consider of it? Let us know in a comments?

Want to follow in Ilona and Darek’s footsteps? Stay tuned subsequent month, when they strike Morocco! These dual are holding over a world, one nation during a time.