Interview With Alexa Curtis for New York City Fashion Week

 We recently sat down with Alexa Curtis, conform blogger and indication to get to know her some-more as she gears adult for a bustling Fall 2013 Fashion Week.   


Who are some of we conform influences?

 I’m unequivocally desirous by several conform models and icons, like Joan Smalls and Oliva Palermo. we cruise my character to be unequivocally identical to theirs, so they are people we demeanour adult to. I’m also drawn toward opposite celebrities like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively, since they are conform icons that incorporate bill accessible pieces into their wardrobe.     



Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

I’m a outrageous fan of Sincerely, Jules, as good as Into a gloss. I’m also a large fan of some of my tighten blogger friends like Kelsey Runaway in LA and Meera from Moments With Meera. There are so many bloggers out there whose blogs we love! we tend to be drawn toward smaller, some-more insinuate blogs who aren’t indispensably in each magazine, since those always seem to be a ones that have a graphic perspective indicate and eye for fashion.  


What object are are we incompetent to transport with out? 

My headphones.


What character do we many feel we obey in your possess day-to-day wardrobe?

 I cruise my character a mixbetween selected and edgy. we don’t like to take anything we wear too seriously. Fashion is presumably strike or miss, and if we don’t examination with opposite trends and conform items, we will never know what looks best and what doesn’t demeanour as good.


How do we go to propagandize and say such a successful blog? 

 I only eliminated to online school, that will hopefully give me many some-more of an advantage with my work and some-more opportunities. we didin’t manager propagandize really good while we was going, and really didn’t surpass in many areas beacuse we was entrance home to a highlight of my job. It was tricky, though we managed it while we could. High School is not fun. 


What Fashion Shows will we be interlude by this fall?

Tons! I’m many vehement for BCBG, Tibi and Herve Leger.




 What cities have we had a payoff of visiting?

Of Course New York that is my favorite city. I’ve been to many on a East Coast, as good as London and a few some-more outward of a country. My dream is to otur a worls and knowledge each singular city and culture. I’m going to Turkey for 13 days in November, so that will be a new experience!  


What Destinations do we wish your career in conform will take we to in a future?

I’m anticipating my career will take me to each nation and place in a world. I’d adore to go to Bali and Greece, as good as places like Africa and third universe countries where we can make a difference. There is a universe full of event out there, and even thinkin we could presumably make a symbol in these areas is mind blowing, and utterly exciting. 

Images supposing by Shutterstock and around Alexa Curtis