Jungles, Cliff Diving, & Ziplines: How to Do Jamaica Like a Daredevil

This one is for all we journey junkies out there!

Jamaica is famous for a beauty, beaches, and beer, though this Caribbean gem has lots some-more to offer, some of that is severely surprising!

The island has an considerable cocktail informative legacy—James Bond author, Ian Fleming, set adult emporium here—and who can forget Ursula Andress rising from a sea during Dunn’s River Falls? Globally acclaimed reggae artist, Bob Marley hailed from a encampment of Nine Mile in Saint Anne Parish, partial of Jamaica’s fantastic, fauna-filled, North Coast. The Bob Marley museum is located in a collateral city of Kingston on a tangible site where Marley once lived. And of course, Jamaica’s Olympic story is a things of legend. Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and—a bobsled team? (More bobsledding later!)

Fame and beaches aside, a third largest island in a Greater Antilles sequence is also “Jam”-packed with furious and crazy activities! Let’s get going!

Zipping by a jungle – not usually for a birds!

. by Gary' is protected underneath CC BY-ND 2.0

“.” by Gary’ is protected underneath CC BY-ND 2.0

First adult – is literally UP! Ever consternation how it’d feel to fly?

With a ideal skies and sensuous pleasant rainforests, Jamaica is ideal for ziplining! Leave your cares behind (or below) as we find yourself adult among a sensuous leaves of a jungle, where your nearest neighbor could be a Jamaican Parakeet or a Red Billed Streamertail. Don’t worry – they’re friendly!

After a brief reserve demo, stand up, shave on, and zip off by tunnels of inland foliage, before mountainous high above a timberland canopy for an adrenaline inducing knowledge of a lifetime. This is how we should knowledge inlet – adult tighten and personal!

There are numerous operators of zipline tours in Jamaica with several around Ocho Rios and Montego Bay (locally “Mo Bay”) in a north. Most are open year turn and will demarcate kids underneath ten, as good as trusting moms, so check your debate provider for specific details. And of course, be prepared to travel a little!

Dolphin Cove – dolphin-itely value a visit!

DSCF3136 by Jon Connell is protected underneath CC BY 2.0

“DSCF3136″ by Jon Connell
is protected underneath CC BY 2.0

With locations in Mo Bay, Ocho Rios, and Lucea in a northwestern bishopric of Hanover, we have copiousness of options to knowledge a Dolphin Cove parks.

Frequently deliberate to be one of a tip attractions in Jamaica, start off by browsing a pleasing park surroundings, holding in snakes, iguanas and other local species, before embarking on memorable experiences, including swimming with dolphins, interacting with sharks, or apropos a “sea-keeper” for a day! Maybe you’d cite to snorkel with stingrays or captain your possess potion bottomed kayak—no matter that park we revisit or activity we choose, it’s certain to be a day you’ll never forget.

Book these activities during slightest a few days in advance, and ready for a Jamaican knowledge like no other!

Jamaican Bobsledding – Cool Runnings!

_MG_9848 by Chris Short is protected underneath CC BY-SA 2.0

“_MG_9848″ by Chris Short
is protected underneath CC BY-SA 2.0

You’ve listened a story or seen a movie, though Jamaicans unequivocally do adore bobsledding! Despite an annual snowfall  of 0 inches which, for any metric users out there, translates to ZERO centimeters (the usually ice you’ll find here is in your Coconut Rum!), this Caribbean republic pulled off a brazen idea of subordinate for a 1988 Winter Olympics and still continue to compete.

No outing to Jamaica would be finish though profitable reverence to these sledding pioneers, so conduct ascending to a tip of Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, and  hop onto your bobsled (Lycra bodysuit optional!) to go hurtling down a pleasant rainforest track. The float is brief though thrilling! Tour operators offer travel to and from hotels, and a views on a approach adult to a bobsled run are usually as good as they are on a approach down. Once again, trusting moms and those with medical conditions are speedy to spend a day in some-more resting pursuits.

Rick’s Café – Coconut Rum and Cliff Diving?

Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica by daivinandleah is protected underneath CC BY 2.0

“Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica” by daivinandleah is protected underneath CC BY 2.0

If all this fad has sleepy we out, how about sitting behind with a cold drink—before jumping off a precipice into a sea? Rick’s Café, in pleasing Negril, home of “seven mile beach” (a visit entrance in several lists of “top universe beaches”), has been luring brave visitors for years. Grab yourself a cold drink or a rum cocktail, and watch locals and tourists comparison literally throwing themselves from a café’s cliffs!

This western tip of Jamaica is eminent for carrying a island’s best beaches and best beach life with copiousness of hilly spots to play yourself from, though iconic Rick’s café is unique, in that it encourages a boisterous congregation to hurl themselves out of a bar!
Complete with observation areas, and a accumulation of levels to burst from, Rick’s can get busy, though is always fun—just make certain that if we do literally “take a plunge,” that your swimsuit is secure – there’s always a throng and copiousness of cameras. Yikes! Of course, there is no necessity of choice fun-filled restaurants and bars in a area should we cite to stay dry while we relax.

Jamaica is a bliss not usually for adrenaline junkies, though also for those who wish to enjoy this scenic island during a gentler pace, and can consider of zero improved than a private beach, forever pool and spa, your possess private villa, oceanfront dining—all wrapped adult in comfortable Jamaican hospitality. To knowledge all of this and more, check out eminent resort, Round Hill Hotel and Villas, located near Montego Bay, for that superb and lush stay—far from a shrieks and screams of bobsledders and zipliners!

Phew! If we still have a energy, tell us about your many exciting, adrenaline rushing, adventurous vacation knowledge ever in a comments territory below!