Looking to Take a Vacation with Your Dog? Go to One of These Pup-ular Destinations!

It’s not satisfactory that humans get to have all a fun on vacation while their dog companions stay home by themselves, moping about, depressed, and constantly looking out a window for their two-legged best friends to return. Taking your bushy friends on vacation can be a good approach for a whole family to relax and have fun. From beaches to cities, here are 5 dog-friendly vacation ideas in a US that will keep we and Fido happy and entertained.

Sanibel Island, Florida


It’s not only a humans who get to knowledge object and fun in Sanibel. This Florida hotspot is a ideal place for a dog beach vacation. In fact, there are a accumulation of dog beaches that will disturb your four-legged family members. At Gulfside Beach (also called Algiers Beach), dogs can hang out and suffer a beach travel as prolonged as they’re on a leash. They’re also acquire to try a circuitously JN Darling Wildlife Refuge and go for a travel during Bowman’s Beach. For a special treat, cosset your pooch with epicurean goodies and fun toys during a internal business Island Paws (hey, dogs need souvenirs, too!).

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City might not be a initial place that comes to mind when meditative of a holiday with your pet, though we might recur when we learn about all of a dog-friendly destinations Vegas has to offer. From a off-leash Barkin’ Basin Dog Park during Wayne Bunker Park to a 6-acre Bob Baskin Park, there are copiousness of spots for pups to run free. Nearby Red Rock Canyon is a good hiking mark for jaunty canines. There’s also no necessity of pet services in Las Vegas, including Just Like Home Doggie Hotel and Grooming (in box your friendly hybrid needs a makeover).

Austin, Texas


Dogs will adore Austin’s laid-back, heterogeneous vibe only as most as their owners. Pups and their humans can consort during a off-leash West Austin Dog Park or travel during a Bull Creek District Park. In loyal Austin form, there are also a accumulation of dog-friendly eateries like Red’s Porch, Spider House, and Phara’s.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a dog-friendly city with dog parks galore. Centennial Dog Park offers apart off-leash personification opportunities for large and tiny dogs. Owners can chill out on gentle benches while pets merriment during Edwin Warner Dog Park. The Shelby Bottoms Greenway is a good place for both dogs and humans to get some practice and suffer a sights. After operative adult an appetite, take your best crony to a grill like 12 South Tap Room or Calypso Café.

Portland, Oregon


There’s no necessity of healthy beauty for dogs and their owners to conclude in and around Portland. Located by a Willamette River, Cathedral Park has an off-leash dog park that’s as scenic as it is fun. Escape a city and conduct to Powell Butte Nature Park to knowledge some of a best hiking and views in a state. The outrageous (nearly 200 acres) Mt. Tabor Park has a 4-acre off-leash dog park where your best blossom can run to his heart’s content.

Now that we have some impulse on your getaway with your dog, because not “go muts” and see how most it’ll to cost to get there?

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