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National Cheap Flight Day 2017: 6 Destinations with a Best Deals!

In box we weren’t aware, currently (August 23rd) is National Cheap Flight Day.

“Oh, Cool…what’s ‘National Cheap Flight Day’ again?” is what you’re substantially thinking. If you’ve never listened of it, don’t feel bad. It’s flattering new. But don’t let a newness dope we into meditative that this is a holiday with a fraudulent purpose, commemorating something fake and insignificant.

This is a day all about affordable atmosphere travel!

Christened by a transport attention and a media, National Cheap Flight Day is meant to commemorate a impulse any year when airfare in a United States drops from a summer rise to an off-season low. In years past, travelers have seen costs reduce by 10% to 20%. The indirect duration of plummeting prices customarily lasts until a holiday deteriorate kicks off around Thanksgiving.

So where are a best moody deals for this year post-August 23 and how most reduce are they?

CheapOair’s possess moment group of ticket-price watchers and plane-fare-data analyzers took a normal cost for flights vacating from all American cities from May to a finish of Aug 2017 and compared it to a normal cost for departures from those same cities from Sep to November.  

They found that renouned general destinations will see a cost decrease by approximately 30% this off-season and fares to favorite domestic locales will tumble by about 14%. Some specific locations that will see a best deals are…


Overall, a nation of Spain itself is staid to see a largest dump in cost percentages, though a collateral Madrid is presaging to see a large dump of 37%. So we can try this city full of aged universe history, art, music, culture, and culinary delights (including vegan-friendly) with a believe we saved income before we even took off.


The end of choice for a brave universe traveler. Fares to Bangkok from a U.S. are approaching to dump by 30%! You can use a income we saved to celebration it adult in the eminent nightlife, collect something adult in its famed selling areas, get your fill in a equally obvious street food scene, or (since Bangkok is so cheap) do all that AND bank whatever’s left for another trip.


If we explain to be a globetrotter, we HAVE to check off this one off your bucket list. Rome arguably has it all: history, art, nightlife, culture, fun, and…of course…great food! If you’ve alway wanted to go, now’s a good time to book given cost are forecasted to tumble by as most as 28%.


What’s improved than a City of Lights? How about removing there with a cost rebate of 24% (which is how most tickets to Paris are expecting to dump by). And while we substantially could spend that additional money on renting a automobile or on cabs, we have to suggest that we travel to get around Paris. It’s a best!

Los Angeles

Beaches, celebrities, sunshine, and a whole lot more. A outing to L.A. can offer a lot! And no matter if you’re captivated some-more to a glamour, cocktail enlightenment history, or laid behind southern California opinion (and climate), a likely dump of 27% in cost to get there is some-more than enticing.


Although many maestro fliers associate Chicago with layovers, this heartland city is a end with something for flattering most everyone. It’s great for family trips or a getaway with friends and will interest to sports fans, story buffs, culinary connoisseurs, art enthusiasts, and more. It’s  anticipated tumble in cost by 15% usually adds to all that.

Figure out how low YOUR transport will be to these (or any other) destinations!

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