Our Top 5 Golden Globe Inspired Locations To Visit

While we might not be means to revisit all a cold locations featured in Golden Globe nominated movies and shows this year (I’m meditative The Martian!), there are several contenders for Best Location for a Vacation that should underline in your 2016 must-see list. (dim a lights, evidence music)

And a nominees in this difficulty are.

1.) Sydney, Australia

Taras Vyshnya / Shutterstock

Taras Vyshnya / Shutterstock

Filmed a small 20 miles from a city of Sydney, Australia, Mad Max: Fury Road has already been hailed as one of a biggest movement cinema of all time! Nominated  for best Movie Drama, this movement packaged journey is complicated on effects and stunts, creation it intensely visually appealing to a eye! The same could be pronounced for a overwhelming Southern land of Sydney (nice segue)! Already kicked into tip rigging for 2016, Sydney is alive with activity, generally during a annual Sydney Festival that this year is using from Jan 7 – 26 (there’s still time to visit!)

If we desired Mad Max and feel a need for some journey of your own—make certain to revisit Sydney soon. Remember, it’s summer there right now!

2.) Budapest, Hungary

Alexander Mazurkevich / Shutterstock

Alexander Mazurkevich / Shutterstock

If we cite something a small some-more light-hearted, a film Spy has been nominated for Best Comedy or Drama, and could simply also have been nominated for best filming location!

Tracking a swell of a CIA representative from table avocation to high drama, this comedy bound was essentially filmed on plcae in overwhelming Budapest, Hungary. This ancient European wonder is mostly referred to as one of a many pleasing cities in Europe, braggadocio pretentious architecture, geothermal springs, a stately and strong Danube River, along with many other World Heritage sites. Arts and Festivals burden a city calendar any year, as tourists and locals suffer a splendor, though Spy wasn’t a usually film filmed here. Check out this washing list of Budapest film credits and see if we commend any?

OK. So we pronounced we couldn’t revisit Mars (yet) and not wanting to detonate a movies bubble, but—The Martian was (spoiler alert), not indeed filmed on a universe Mars!

The story of one man’s galactic conflict for presence aboard a antagonistic red universe is nominated in a Best Movie Drama category. The film has generated a outrageous volume of seductiveness and was also filmed theory where? Yup – Budapest, Hungary!

3.) Calgary, Canada

Dolce Vita / Shutterstock

Dolce Vita / Shutterstock

Yeeha! This Wild West city grew into a truly worldly city somewhere between a Canadian Rockies and a Canadian Prairies, though it’s never lost it’s roots.

For a furious float into a unequivocally dour world, check out The Revenant, one of the nominations in a Best Movie Drama category, (good fitness Leo!) which filmed in a few locations including Calgary in a Canadian Province of Alberta. Allegedly during one theatre of filming a organisation had to bound over to Argentina to demeanour for sleet when Canada got too warm?

Anyhoo, for a unequivocally cold and furious time, Calgary is a good place to revisit any time of year—but when we do go, make certain to acquire your middle cowboy or cowgirl by throwing some of a movement during a famous Calgary Stampede!

4.) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hakat / Shutterstock

Hakat / Shutterstock

Switching to a smaller screen, Game of Thrones has once again been nominated in a Best TV Drama category, no doubt in partial due to a overwhelming description of a illusory continent of Westeros.

The mixture of offensive creatures, sinister plots, and a family of dragons are all done to demeanour even some-more horrifying, sinister and dragon-like when set opposite a backdrop of  Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city walls of Dubrovnik are a filming plcae for a illusory city of King’s Landing, a home of a throne, from a prolonged using show. One of a many renouned destinations on a Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik offers stunning medieval architecture, marble streets, and a pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle. After an part of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is certain to be a acquire break!

5.) New Orleans, Louisiana

Colin D. Young / Shutterstock

Colin D. Young / Shutterstock

What could be funnier than a financial pile-up of 2007-2008 we ask? A comedy play film focused around the financial pile-up of 2007-2008 of course! The Big Short is not brief on nominations with dual Best Actor nods on a Golden Globe shortlist. This star packaged film was filmed down in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a few scenes streamer adult a seashore to be prisoner in New York City. New Orleans, also famous as The Big Easy, is one of a many tangible cities in a United States—synonymous with Mardi Gras, Jazz, Voodoo, Creole cuisine, Bourbon Street and much, most more.

If we haven’t nonetheless strolled by a French Quarter of this singular city—reach for your bucket list now!

Well that’s all a time we have. We wish we haven’t snubbed any of a many other smashing vacation destinations out there! (curtain)

Let us know if you’ve ever visited a famous film or TV uncover plcae while on vacation, in a comments territory below.