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Peso Pinching! How to Do Mexico City for $50 a Day

The largest city in a Americas doesn’t need a vast bill to explore. Mexico City competence be a country’s collateral though it doesn’t lift collateral costs. From a abounding culinary stage to a halcyon open squares, a city showcases a layered knowledge for travelers. With a ancient ruins, Spanish colonial churches, and a contemporary touches, we can simply try Mexico City with usually $50 a day in your pocket! Here’s how:


Happy backpacker traveller stay in high peculiarity hotel

If you’re looking to spend usually $50 a day, we can set adult bottom in one of a city’s hostels. With mostly dorm-like set ups, hostels make adult a city’s cheapest accommodation options during usually a few dollars a night. At a same time, we can also stay in one of a city’s bill hotels though violation a bank. A private room and lavatory can run for usually $10 to $15 per night on a low finish and adult to $70 per night for some-more oppulance digs.


The cheapest approach to get around is a Metro. Offered during one of a lowest fares in a world, it includes 12 lines that cover a city with 195 stations. One sheet costs usually 5 pesos, roughly $0.30.

Travelers can also get around on a inexpensive by Sitios. These radio-dispatched taxis, customarily with protected English-speaking guides, will mostly wait for we during your end and take we behind to your hotel when we are prepared for around $14 per hour, and are many safer than usually hailing a cab on a street.

Mexico City also has an affordable train complement (Metrobus) that we can take advantage of. Running in their possess lanes and creation stops during metro-style stations, it costs usually 10 pesos for a reloadable label and 6 pesos per trip, totaling about $0.91. You can also bound aboard a Tourist Bus, a red double decker train that has hop-on and hop-off use during many of a vital traveller attractions for usually 140 pesos per day, about $8.

Food and Drink

If we don’t wish to spend a good cube of change on food and splash while in Mexico City, we can save by carrying your dishes during a large markets and travel vendors around town. You can not usually get a genuine ambience of internal enlightenment though also representation authentic internal specialties and dishes though spending an arm and a leg. Mercado de San Juan is a favorite for foodies for a singular meats, seafood, and uninformed furnish while Mercado de Medellín is famous for a Central and South American specialties. Other markets to try for inexpensive cooking embody Mercado de San-Cosme and Mercado de Coyoacán. You’ll usually flare over a integrate of pesos for a dish and your stomach will leave happy. If we cite to sup out grill style, things are still affordable, with customary restaurants charity dishes for underneath $20.


You can simply see some of Mexico City’s vital attractions though ever pulling out your wallet. You can start with a Zócalo, a giveaway open piazza that sits in a heart of a capital. It surrounds some of a city’s many critical buildings and identifies as a largest piazza in all of Latin America. Aside from being a good people-watching spot, a Zócalo is also home to a Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, one of a oldest and largest cathedrals in a Western Hemisphere (which is also giveaway to enter!). The Zócalo also houses a Palacio Nacional. Free and open to a public, a building’s categorical prominence are a Diego Rivera murals.

The city is also home to over 150 museums, many of that are possibly giveaway undisguised or giveaway on certain days. The Museo Soumaya is one of a standouts that won’t cost we a peso. Free all year round, a museum boasts 6 floors of Impressionists, Old Masters, Mexican muralists, and many more. Other freebie museums in a city embody a Museo de Estanquillo and a Museo de la Charrería.

When we need to get divided from a crowds and locate your exhale in a pacific immature space in Mexico City, afterwards conduct to a giveaway Chapultepec Park. The 1,500-acre city park is not usually a immature lung of a city though it’s also home to a Chapultepec Zoo. Also giveaway to visit, a zoo is a second-largest zoo in Mexico and has a hulk panda tact program.

Want to get your fill of carnitas and culturally abounding practice though removal your wallet? Start formulation your outing to Mexico City! 

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