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Salt, Copper, and LGBT Culture: The Salt Lake City Your Friends Never Told You About

You and your partner adore to travel, preferably while remaining out and unapproachable (and protected and acquire and not wearied out of your minds). You’ve finished the research. You know all about a East Coast and West Coast prohibited spots, where to party, where to relax, and what kind of museums we devise to visit. But did we even journey Salt Lake City?

Depending on which list you’re looking at, Salt Lake City ranks sincerely high among a tip 10 LGBT-friendly cities. No matter what kind of family we come from, Great Salt Lake has copiousness to offer, and a city that’s flattering packaged with informative fun.

Check out some legit reasons to supplement SLC to your list of must-see destinations.

You and Mother Nature are Besties: Great Salt Lake

You like kayaking, swimming, or bird-watching with your family, though we also like a thought of setting journey on a cooking journey to watch a nightfall (you destroyed romantic, you).

As a largest—and saltiest!—lake west of a Mississippi River, Great Salt Lake has copiousness of outdoorsy activities to keep we busy, with stunning mountain views to boot. Along a lake, and generally during a park’s central opening in Antelope Island, you’ll see all sorts of wildlife, including bison.

Randy Judkins/Shutterstock

Randy Judkins/Shutterstock

Fun Fact: a lake H2O has no healthy exits (think streams or rivers) so evaporation leaves it really tainted and dense. That only means you’ll be super float-y (which is fun for a whole family!).

You’ve got a thing for Curated Beauty

Chris Curtis/Shutterstock

Chris Curtis/Shutterstock

There’s copiousness of inlet to adore within a civic setting. Batches of enlightenment are surrounded by plateau and greenery, that provides a ideal backdrop for all the stately eremite design in Temple Square. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is ideal for a stormy (or sunny) day.

The gardens and distraction in Liberty Park are not to be missed. Check out a birdhouse and hothouse in a morning, and if you’re looking for a low-key afternoon, squeeze a cruise basket for some lunch down by a pond.

Learn About Your Lineage

Karin Hildebrand Lau/Shutterstock

Karin Hildebrand Lau/Shutterstock

The Family History Library is a largest origin library in a world. Its strange purpose stems from one of the Church of Latter Day Saints’ elemental tenets to yield a apparatus for family members to find and baptize their ancestors by proxy. Its collection has grown given then, and people via a universe are regulating a collection to investigate and draft their genealogy.

You’re a Fan of Man-made Wonders

Rekindle Photo and Video/Shutterstock

Rekindle Photo and Video/Shutterstock

Speaking of a past: demeanour during that picture, with all those little cars and that itty, bitty physique of H2O in a center.

By now you’ve satisfied that Kennecott Copper Mine is huge. It’s one of a few synthetic creations visible from space, and has been around for over a hundred years. Copper is one of a many valued healthy resources still in use today, as evidenced by all those aged houses in your hometown, plumbed with their copper pipes. Thieves have indeed been famous to rob aged Victorian homes in hunt of copper plumbing, to warp it down for resale. Plus, now we have a new trivia factoid to dump during your subsequent amicable gathering. You’re welcome.

Unless we humour from trypophobia, Kennecott is value saying adult tighten and in-person, so be certain to supplement it to your list of tours.


Now that you’ve schooled a bit about what Utah has to offer, tell us what we like about Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Did we skip anything? Leave us a criticism below!