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The Future is Now: We’re About to Become Superhumans

The Future is Now: We're About to Become Superhumans. Photo Credit: ExtremeTech has expelled a headset that will overclock a minds, branch us all into a garland of geniuses. The brain-stimulating tDCS headset improves greeting time by promulgation jolts of electricity by your prefrontal cortex, augmenting your ability to collect adult new skills, and boosting your concentration and greeting time.


tDCS stands for transcranial approach stream stimulation. Basically, the device pours electrodes into your brains, sparkling your neurons so they can glow faster. Even better, when a stream is removed, your neurons keep additional neuroplasticity. That means they can make connectors some-more easily, assisting we collect adult new skills but a headset on.


The FCC-approved headset uses usually a tiny volume of stream and comes with small risk. Although creatively dictated for video-game players, it can have most over reaches than only a gaming world. According to ExtremeTech, some studies uncover advantages for both Parkinson’s and cadence patients. A organisation of researchers also used it to recover absolute opioid painkillers. The device could even revoke automobile accidents by augmenting a driver’s greeting time, boost a concentration time of researchers and students, and generally only spin us into superhumans with lightening-fast reflexes.


Readers, a destiny has arrived.


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(H/t: ExtremeTech)

(Photo Credit: ExtremeTech)