The Ultimate TV Fan’s Guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is typically seen as a heart and mecca of all things movie, though don’t be fooled — it’s also an extraordinary place for TV fans to check out as well. The city is a undoubted goldmine of radio goodness, from extraordinary filming locations to tons of history, and even copiousness of chances to watch your favorite shows live. Sound overwhelming? Don’t panic; we’ve got a outline on a places in Los Angeles that are must-see for each revolutionary TV fan.

The Paley Center for Media

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If you’re looking for an heated and immersive radio experience, a Paley Center is one plcae we can’t means to miss. It’s simply a value trove of TV goodness: there are exhibits on all from costumes from your favorite shows like The Mindy Project, facilities on a story of radio noir, and special screenings of classical series. But maybe a center’s biggest explain to celebrity is PaleyFest, where all walks of radio stars arrange to plead their show. You can attend an eventuality or strike adult a tour, though whatever we do…don’t skip out on a Paley Center.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

OK, it’s not all focused on TV (there’s copiousness of film sorcery to conclude as well), though for a extensive demeanour during Warner Brothers‘ radio shows, it’s tough to kick this mythological tour. You can sip coffee in The Central Perk from Friends, look in during a taping of The Big Bang Theory, or see what a expel is removing adult to on Fuller House. Every debate is opposite depending on filming schedules, so we never know what you’ll see. For hardcore TV fans, there’s a six-hour fine debate that entirely immerses we in a Warner Brothers world.

Live TV Tapings

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Although a lot of your favorite shows don’t concede for a live studio assembly (can we suppose being on-set while they filmed Game of Thrones?), there are still utterly a few opportunities to make yourself partial of a entertainment. In Los Angeles, we can ask tickets for speak shows Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen Show, or competitions party like The Voice and Dancing With The Stars. It’s a unaccompanied knowledge to be partial of a crowd, and a contingency if you’re a fan of any of those shows. Keep in mind that tickets are limited, so get prepared to devise forward if we don’t wish to skip out.

Filming Locations

Many of your favorite TV moments were filmed on sound stages, though an considerable series took place right in Los Angeles. With a small research, we can simply set adult your possess customized debate of a city and some of a famous filming locations. Grab lunch during Urth Caffe , like a expel of Entourage, before streamer out to Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park to see where they shot some of a original Star Trek series. If you’re feeling sentimental for a nineties we can pitch by a Walsh residence from 90210 (the original, not a remake). Enjoy a imagination cooking during The SmokeHouse, where a marriage of Jim and Pam from The Office (the American-version, obviously) took place. A good approach to finish off any radio debate of LA is with a stop during a strange Batcave in Griffith Park, where a late, good Adam West cold out in between fighting off villains. Find out where your favorite shows were filmed and get prepared for a one-of-a-kind knowledge we could usually find in Los Angeles.

What are some of your must-see TV uncover locations in Los Angeles? Tell us in a comments territory below.

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