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This Is What It’s REALLY Like to Travel Alone, as Told by #ElinatheExplorer

Folks, how many of we have dreamed of roving alone?

Now, how many of we have indeed finished it?

If we answered, “ME!” we competence be in a minority. Solo travelers usually make adult about 11% of a roving population—which might seem tiny, though it’s a outrageous boost from usually a few years ago. Solo transport is removing some-more fascinating each year, though a lot of folks are still holding back, fearful to take their first, unparalleled stairs into a unknown.

If you’re meditative about going on a solo trip, though need that final bit of encouragement, we’ve got we covered. One of a possess CheapOair travelers took her initial solo outing this year, and she concluded to tell us all about it.

Behold, what it’s really like to transport alone. We know you’ve been failing to find out!

1.) Tell us a small bit about yourself!

Elina 1Hello there! This is Elina Song, aka, #ElinatheExplorer. (Thanks for branch me into a hashtag, Dennis Song!) I’m from Paraguay, South America. we now live in New York, and we work as a Spanish Search Engine Marketer during CheapOair.

2.) How mostly do we travel?

I transport abroad during slightest once a year. In a past few years I’ve visited Korea, Paraguay, and a few places in Europe!

3.) What was a many new outing we took?

This September, we went to Milan, Florence, Venice, and Prague—on my own! It was my initial solo trip, and it was amazing. I’m anticipating to go behind to Europe this winter! Woohoo!

4.) Were we shaken about roving alone in Europe? Why or since not?

Elina LastYes, we was. we was shocked by a suspicion of being alone in a new, opposite place. I’d listened a lot about pickpocketing in Europe, and that unequivocally done me nervous. we kept meditative about all a misfortune box scenarios—what if we remove my passport? What if this, what if that? The suspicion of being entirely obliged for myself and not carrying anyone to assistance me in box of puncture was unequivocally scary. we was also disturbed that solo transport would be super lonely. we had a lot of nightmares before my outing since we was so worried.

5.) What was a many certain aspect of roving solo?

Elina 3Traveling solo is super liberating! You are in control of what we wish to do. You can transport to places during your possess gait and usually go to places that seductiveness you. It can be tough if we have a transport buddy, since you’ll have opposite interests and this can delayed we down. But if we transport alone, we can do whatever we feel like doing that day, that is awesome.

When we transport solo, it unequivocally army we to consider and simulate on yourself. Depending on what we saw or did, either we was looking during pleasing architecture, people watching, or doing some activity, it all helped me consider about myself, about a people in my life, what we wish in life, what kind of chairman we wish to be, what kinds of people we wish to approximate myself with, and so on. Very low stuff. You unequivocally learn some-more about who we are when we transport alone.

Elina 5When we transport solo, we accommodate new people—really cold people who share a same adore for transport as we do. we met people from all over a place when we was roving solo. we met people from Portugal, Spain, New York, South Korea, and Colombia. You make new friends from all over a place, that is so valuable. And trust me, there will be people who will plea how we suspicion about things and enthuse we to be a bigger and improved person. Those practice unequivocally inspire we to grow. If you’re constantly with a friend, that unequivocally boundary your ability to accommodate these new people who will enlarge your horizons.

Elina 8Lastly, roving solo is a good clergyman to assistance we turn some-more eccentric and obliged for yourself. It gives we a boost of certainty that we can do anything!

6.) What was a biggest plea of roving solo?

Hmmm, being nap deprived and walking for some-more than 10 hours a day? we had to see everything—no time for rest!

7.) What recommendation would we give to other women meditative about roving alone?

Elina 7You are not alone! Don’t be afraid. Be confidant and go out there. There are tons of other solo women travelers who you’ll accommodate along a way—just make certain we stay open disposed and speak to new people!

Ignore people that tell we that it’s too dangerous out there or demeanour during we with empathize for going alone—they are usually sceptical or have misconceptions about what it’s unequivocally like to transport alone as a woman. Traveling solo will assistance we to step out of your comfort section and learn to welcome a unknown.

Have we ever trafficked solo? Has Elina’s recommendation desirous we to try it out? Let us know in a comments!