Why New York Should Be Every Stuffed Animal Enthusiast’s Favorite State

Stuffed animal enthusiasts, a state of New York has got we covered. This week a New York City Library announced a lapse of a genuine Winnie-the-Pooh pressed animal (and his friends) to a collection. As we dug a bit deeper, we detected that a New York City isn’t a usually place in “the Empire state” where we can revisit iconic pressed animals. In fact, we could even devise a pressed animal debate with these locations!

The New York City Library: Manhattan


That’s right, a REAL Pooh and 4 of his best friends—Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, and Tigger—have been vital during a New York Public Library given they were donated in 1987. Who is a genuine Winnie-the-Pooh? Good question. Before he became an general superstar, a pressed bear belonged to a (real) small child named Christopher Robin Milne who lived in England. Christopher, who was a son Pooh creator  and children’s book author A. A. Milne, perceived Edward Bear (later renamed to Winnie) for his initial birthday and a rest (who would eventually turn a dear expel of characters we know today) via his childhood. As we can imagine, these plush toys have seen utterly a bit of movement (resulting in a approaching wear and tear) over a years. Thanks to a group of gifted weave replacement experts, Winnie and friends are now behind on arrangement during a Childen’s Center of a New York City Library’s categorical bend on 42nd travel for all to enjoy. And a timing couldn’t be improved given Aug 21st will be a bear’s 95th birthday.

The Teddy Bear Museum: Marbletown


The subsequent stop on your debate is about 90 miles upstate of New York City. The Teddy Bear Museum during a Den of Marbletown is a singular place to check out iconic teddy bears and more. This off-the-beaten-path museum houses an considerable collection of Steiff teddy bears and animals. For those not in a know, Steiff is a German association that invented a Teddy Bear some-more than 100 years ago. Housed in a 1860s farmhouse, a collection comes from “Gracebear,” a Steiff fan and zealous collector. Gracebear’s other collections (Madame Alexander dolls, Barbie dolls, Schuco toys, and more) stagger via a museum as proxy exhibits.

The Strong National Museum of Play: Rochester


Located in Rochester, a Strong is an innovative museum dedicated to a story and scrutiny of play. The Strong is home to a International Center for a History of Electronic Games, a National Toy Hall of Fame, a World Video Game Hall of Fame, a Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play, a Woodbury School, and a American Journal of Play. Not usually that, it houses a largest collection of GUND plush toys in a world. Last summer, GUND donated a repository (products, corporate records, documents, promotion photos taken by Annie Liebovitz, fondle patterns, trade catalogs, scrapbooks, and other artifacts) to a Strong. Now we can revisit over 200 GUND plush total and soothing toys travelling a 1920s by a 1970s, such as Mickey Mouse and Felix a Cat as partial of a Strong’s “Play Pals” exhibit.

Have we visited any famous pressed animals in (or out) of New York? Where? Let us know in a comments section.