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Your Sales-Tax-Free, Shopaholic’s Guide to Portland

If we adore shopping, coffee, musty doughnuts, beer, music, art, organic, free-range duck (thanks to Fred and Carrie of “Portlandia”), and anything that remotely relates to a eccentric spirit, afterwards Portland, Oregon is for you. Thanks to all the independent artists, designers and entrepreneurs who call Portland home, this Pacific Northwest city of some-more than 600,000 is a good end for each shopaholic. Oh, and did we discuss there’s no sales taxation when we emporium in Portland? Score!

Here’s a discerning outline of a tip spots to strike when you’re holding Portland by storm. Don’t leave your wallet during home!

Saturday Market


TECK SIONG ONG / Shutterstock

For some-more than 40 years, Portland’s Saturday Market is hold each Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, as good as on Sundays from 11 am to 4:30 pm. Shocking, we know. Who would’ve likely that a marketplace called Saturday Market would be hold on Saturdays? Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

After we collect your jaw adult off a building from a pristine startle of it all, dive headfirst into this oasis of unique, locally-produced items. This alfresco marketplace all started as a approach to give internal artists a possibility to sell their handmade wares, and a eventuality grew into a vital traveller captivate that draws thousands each year. You can simply cover all 8 days of Hanukkah or find copiousness of fun stocking stuffers here, if you’re visiting during holiday season. And if not, maybe batch adult forward of time? You’ll be forward of a diversion this year, folks.

And, there’s a bit of Portland story only around a corner! Check out Skidmore Fountain, surrounded by beautiful Victorian-era design for a discerning print op, afterwards pitch by a New Market Theater, Portland’s initial museum dating behind to 1871. History buffs, get excited.

Queen Bee


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Need to emporium for that special vegan in your life? The onslaught is real. Hit adult Queen Bee Creations, a mind child of engineer Rebecca Pearcy, where you’ll find funky, stout vegan “leather” purses, wallets and accessories including hairpins and scarves.

Is your vegan crony also expecting? You’re in luck. Queen Bee has an adorably animal-product giveaway “Chickpea Baby” line, where we can find fun diaper bags and other infant-related goodies.

The emporium was creatively run out of Pearcy’s home in 1996, and has given grown to turn a buttress of downtown Portland. Lucky for all of us, all products continue to be homemade and handcrafted.

Feel “Gilty”

Podvysotskiy Roman / Shutterstock

Podvysotskiy Roman / Shutterstock

Who doesn’t adore removing a small bling during a holidays? Gilt Jewelry in downtown Portland has selected bling, adorned bling, complicated bling, and even specializes in rendezvous and marriage bling. (OK, we meant marriage and rendezvous rings, though that doesn’t sound scarcely as most fun.) So, if you’re removing prepared to get down on bended knee soon, Gilt could be a place to find a rope that is as singular and special as your sweetheart! D’aaaaww.

Mabel and Zora


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Don’t have a thing to wear? It’s a severe life. Peruse a racks during Mabel and Zora, a fantastic, eccentric women’s boutique that has been gripping a ladies of Portland looking fanciful for years. This boutique will positively interest to those who suffer selected clothing, quite mid-century items, though there are also copiousness of undying LBD’s to be found, too.

Mabel and Zora is located in a Pearl District, that has undergone extensive civic renewal. Once an industrial area filled with warehouses and tyrannise yards, it’s now filled with art galleries, smart shops, and restaurants. If we ramble by during a initial Thursday of a month, don’t be astounded by all a crowds there to suffer “First Thursday,” a monthly eventuality when art galleries stay open late, shops have sales, and happy hour abounds!

Portland’s fundamentally a shopaholic’s paradise, am we right? What are your favorite Portland spots to revisit when you’ve got income to burn? Let us know in a comments!